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A Quick Note on Viral Marketing

You've probably heard of viral marketing. The idea is to spread your message from person to person similar to the spread of a viral infection. Each person who comes into contact with your idea gets "infected" and then passes it onto his friends who in turn pass on the messages to others.

While the virus analogy may have negative connotations, understanding viral marketing will help you to get the word about your book out to a larger audience with less time and negligible amounts of money. When it works, a viral marketing effort is the equivalent of striking a gold mine or an oil well.

Introducing BookBuzzr's QuickQuiz for Facebook
At BookBuzzr, we've been hard at work creating a brand new technology that will allow you to market your book in a viral manner on Facebook through quick quizzes. We've spoken about this technology in earlier newsletters. We used to refer to it as QuizBuzzr then. We've now renamed the technology as QuickQuiz based on user feedback after extensive testing.

We've shown the technology - a form of an online gameshow - to a selected group of authors, and they've been very excited. For example, author Michele Hughes wrote in to say, "I sincerely believe this is going to be an excellent tool for promotion. What this program allows is the ability to engage the reader with familiar topics while helping them associate with the author's book. I'm ready to utilize this technology immediately. I will be recommending this program to all my author friends as a top ten list for promoting new titles." Here's what book marketing expert Shelley Hitz had to say about QuickQuiz:"I like the idea of creating a quiz about a popular book in the same genre and then recommending your book. And yes. Facebook provides a great viral effect."

QuickQuiz in now available on For more details on how to use QuickQuiz, please visit the blog post at Announcing QuickQuiz the World's First Viral Marketing Technology for Books. We didn't want to include a lot of explanatory screenshots in this newsletter as it could increase loading time. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Good luck and happy viral book marketing!

Upcoming Webinars from BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies Center
In the old days, when you released a paperback or a hardcover, you'd have a launch party with a local celebrity releasing your book. Then you'd travel around the country with a book tour. You'd speak on radio shows and get interviewed by local newspapers. That era is fast ending. Ebooks are the new medium for authors like you.

In the first week of December we're featuring webinars on the topic of 'How to Launch Your eBook'. These webinars explore the secrets of getting attention for your eBook when you release it. If you are a BookBuzzr Author Pro author you will be able to access the recordings of this webinar through your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home page.

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By Vikram Narayan
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