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How to Get 18,000 Facebook Fans for your Facebook Author Page
BookBuzzr Pro author Inglath Cooper has 18,000 plus Facebook fans for her Facebook fan page and has become a best selling author on Amazon for her book - 'Truths and Roses'. Inglath Cooper has written over 10 books, won a RITA award, and is a song-writer and dog lover. Inglath Cooper spent some time answering questions from the BookBuzzr staff. Check out the interview for some great ideas to help you develop your Facebook fan page and grow your followers.

What Authors are Saying about BookBuzzr
Author Diane Owens about the Landing page widget.

As soon as I saw this widget, I knew it was the perfect way to announce my new book, No Ordinary Lizard. My site is designed for 3rd through 6th grade kids and their parents and teachers, so I knew site visitors would relate to the graphic and enjoy the animation.

Since I’m not technologically savvy, I operate as a blog. Although easier to use, choosing .com over .org limits my options with other technologies, but never when it comes to BookBuzzr. When I realized the landing page widget wouldn’t work on my site, I emailed the BookBuzzr support team. They provided a fix in less than 24 hours. I can’t say enough about their customer service – they are always prompt, efficient and pleasant. They understand exactly what I want and deliver with amazing results. They are a model for how all businesses should operate!

I also appreciated the option of changing the “buy” button to “read a free sample” and the ability to link to my BookBuzzr sample instead of the ordering page. I knew parents and teachers would appreciate it too. Making these changes took less than a minute.
” - Diane Owens

New BookBuzzr Feature – Improved Prize Listings on Freado to Help Readers Find Your Book
Freado’s new prize giveaway feature allows readers to filter books in a variety of ways. And so far, reactions from authors and readers have ranged from positive to fabulous.

Author C.E. Hart had this to say about new prize giveaway feature.

“I love the new look and filter options on Freado! Fabulous job! :)

Now as an author you can giveaway your book and other prizes as well. We’ve also now included a sponsor section where the prize sponsor can include links to external sites. You can see an example here of BookBuzzr Pro Plus author Leandi Cameron.

Expert Interview –Toni from Duolit
Duolit is comprised of a team of two ladies – Toni and Shannon. They help authors with loads of free book marketing advice on their website. The BookBuzzr team got in touch with them in order to pick their brains on the fine art of book promotion. Check out this resource-packed interview here.

Hot Prizes on Freado for Book Lovers

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This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of October 2012.

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