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It's the time of year for reflection and thanks. And everybody here at BookBuzzr wants to say thank you so much for using BookBuzzr this year. In just a few short months, we've had the privilege of connecting to thousands of authors from around the world. And it's enriched our lives more than you can ever imagine. When we launched in May of 2009, we had fewer than 100 authors and just over 1,000 followers on Twitter. Today we have over 3,000 authors, a massive list of subscribers to our mailing list and nearly 9,000 followers on Twitter. Apart from the BookBuzzr widget which has been installed on hundreds of author websites, many of the features that we've introduced such as the Twitter feature and the Email Signature feature have helped authors succeed in their online book marketing and book promotion efforts.

We're working on some ground-breaking features that will help you market your book even more effectively. Although we can't give you any details at the moment, we do want you to know that these features are designed to give a substantial boost to your book sales in a completely new way.

This month, we're pleased to announce the top 10 books of 2009 on BookBuzzr along with our traditional lists of the monthly top books on BookBuzzr.

Top 10 Books for All of 2009

Top 10 Books for December in Full Screen Mode
Top 10 Books for December in Widget Mode

Top 10 Books for December by Total Number of Book Pages Viewed (Most Read)

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BookBuzzr is a monthly email newsletter packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort. It also contains a listing of the month's most viewed book-extracts and book-widgets that are available in the BookBuzzr format.

By Vikram Narayan
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