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Hello BookBuzzers!

Welcome to the July edition of the BookBuzz Monthly. This month, we're pleased to present you with the following enhancements to help you sell more books with less effort.

  • Twitter features to automate book-marketing
  • Improved BookBuzzr user interface for your reading pleasure
  • A newly launched site
Special thanks to best-selling author Cheryl K. Tardiff for her suggestions and for help in making a press release. Also, thanks to author Gary Val Tenuta who made all of us at BookBuzzr headquarters squeal with delight when he said, "It (BookBuzzr) may just be the most valuable marketing tool on my site."

New Twitter Features In BookBuzzr for Automatic Book-Marketing!

Twitter is fantastic. We've found it to be a great source of traffic and new business relationships. In fact, our Twitter account now has over 4,500 followers and regularly sends tons of traffic to BookBuzzr and fReado. Given the growth of Twitter and its importance in helping authors like you build your platform and sell more books, we have added a number of Twitter features to BookBuzzr to help authors market their book on Twitter with a large degree of automation. So if you're looking to gain more followers on Twitter, make your book more visible among your Twitter followers or help your readers share your book among their Twitter followers, then BookBuzzr is the perfect tool for you. BookBuzzr's new Twitter features include:

- Automatically tweet about your book daily or weekly.
- Automatic tweets every 4 hours if people open your book.
- Presenting your Twitter ID inside BookBuzzr (full-screen mode).
- Option for readers to share your book with their Twitter followers.

So we urge you to sign-in to BookBuzzr and update your Twitter details. You can see a blog post about how to use BookBuzzr to automate your book-marketing on Twitter here.

Do take a look at these features and give us your feedback, suggestions and ideas for improvement.

We truly believe that BookBuzzr can help authors market their books more efficiently online. After all, the idea for BookBuzzr came from an author like you. We'd really like every author to benefit from this free technology. So go ahead and tell other authors and publishers that you may know and spread the benefit. Or simply tweet about your book and include "#BookBuzzr" in the message.
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Below is a list of the most viewed books in BookBuzzr format. Congrats to the featured authors - you must be doing a good job of driving traffic to your books!

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BookBuzz is a monthly email newsletter packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort. It also contains a listing of the month's most viewed book-extracts and book-widgets that are available in the BookBuzzr format.

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