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 Hello BookBuzzers!

Welcome to the first edition of the BookBuzz Monthly - packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort.  Things have been crazy here at BookBuzzr headquarters. BookBuzzr widgets are getting shared on thousand of websites, blogs and Facebook profiles. And we've been getting some of the most satisfying testimonials and praise from authors like you for whom BookBuzzr is making a difference. Just a few days ago, we received this message:
"I think you have a terrific service and I know I have already sold one copy on Amazon as a direct result of it."

- Lee Murphy

Author of "YGOR"

We truly believe that BookBuzzr can help authors market their books more efficiently online. After all, the idea for BookBuzzr came from an author like you. We'd really like every author to benefit from this free technology. So go ahead and tell other authors and publishers that you may know and spread the benefit. Or simply tweet about your book and include "#BookBuzzr" in the message.

Have You Put Up Your Book-Extract on Facebook?  

If you've already not done so, consider putting up your BookBuzzr book-widget onto Facebook. And encourage your friends on Facebook to share your book-extract on their profiles. It'll take them just 1 minute to do it but that's how you start a marketing fire - by igniting one reader at a time. Sharing your book on Facebook is easy. Go to your book profile on You will see your book-widget on your book-profile page.  Click on the "Share" button inside BookBuzzr. Choose the Facebook icon and follow the easy prompts that come up. If you still have difficulty in doing this, take a look at this video

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books

Below is a list of the most viewed books in BookBuzzr format. Congrats to the featured authors - you must be doing a good job of driving traffic to your books!

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About The BookBuzz Newsletter

BookBuzz is a monthly email newsletter packed with the most important book-marketing technology information to help you sell more books with less effort.  It also contains a list of the month's most viewed book-extracts and book-widgets that are available in the BookBuzzr format.

By Vikram Narayan
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