Tina P.R.

Tina P.R. is a multifaceted creative professional.

Raised by a single mother with very low income, Tina's humble beginnings only strengthened her to achieve greatness, by overcoming multiple obstacles after living in no fewer than four countries and traveling the world.

This multi-passionate entrepreneur is making waves in the worlds of makeup artistry, interior design, and graphic design.

Her passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences with others has led to the growth of her YouTube channel, boasting over 180K devoted subscribers and millions of views.

Today, Tina is the proud owner of a successful graphic design business, where she provides top-notch design services for clients from various industries.

As an established author, Tina has penned the transformational book "Attract It," inspired by her own life experiences and by a wealth of self-help, success and manifestation literature.

Tina is driven by a desire to inspire and empower others to achieve their goals, no matter their background or circumstances.

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