William Brooks

A dog will never fret about forgiving you because you never did anything wrong.


William B. Brooks shares in this book his intimate journey with his beloved dog Scivias, a Korthals Griffon. Scivias had to work in the uncharted territory of William’s heart. He blazed a trail from the head to the heart with such purity and singularity of purpose that it produced in William a profound sense of belonging and caring, resulting in a powerful transformation of consciousness, a knowingness of what it is to love and to be loved. Nancy Clemmons


Scivias: There is a white fluffy Teddy Bear which I, Scivias keep close to my bed. Sometimes I just rest my head on him and we drop off and dream together. Teddy has taken on my smell. He is my guardian spirit, we are soft and friendly. There are remnants of me on Teddy, a bit of drool, a few strands of brown hair. William has put an orange collar around his neck, just like the one I wear during hunting season.


William B. Brooks: “ the book…. it arose in a moment of profound grief .... a sense of loss, emptiness …. it claimed it’s value by the tears that were shed …. without conscious thought…. as I say in the book…. it was not possible not to write the book …. it revealed itself…. it demanded to be shared in gratitude .... for it reflects life ....”

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