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BookBuzzr author Rachel Kall’s book – Race to Kill (A Love and Scandal Novel) recently hit the #2 spot on the Amazon. We reached out to Rachel to learn more about her story.

The screenshot below was taken on March 24, 2014.

1. Hi Rachel. Congratulations on the success of ‘Race to Kill (A Love and Scandal Novel)’. Would you tell our author community about your journey so far as an author?

Thank you! My journey as an author has been filled with ups and downs. I think it’s important for authors starting out to realize that for most of us, it is a long journey. One filled with more rejections than acceptances. But in the end, the best advice I can give anyone is to keep writing. Find a trusted support group of other authors who cannot only provide feedback but general encouragement and friendship.

I’m also writing a series which I am finding very exciting. Race to Kill is the first full length novel in the series, and A SEAL’s Mission which will be the second full length novel will be out soon.


2. Who is your target audience and how do you connect with them?

My target audience is generally those readers who enjoy romantic suspense. My readership is largely female, but I have had quite a few men read the book and enjoy it. The Love and Scandal series that I am currently writing is set in Washington, DC and is filled with political intrigue without being overly political. I also write strong female characters which my readers have really connected with. Presidential Pursuit, the prequel novella to Race to Kill, is the story of the election of the first female president.

I’m also a huge animal lover. So I enjoy sharing pictures of my own animals with my fans and having them share too. Getting to know your fans beyond just promotion is important.


3. How do you market your books? Are there any tips that you’d like to share with our author community?

I’ve tried a variety of different things. I am active on Twitter and Facebook. I have found a lot more fan engagement on my personal profile on Facebook than on my fan page. With all the changes to Facebook, I think a lot of authors are moving in that direction. Book bloggers are also a great source of marketing and promotional opportunities. I’m not a big fan of Facebook ads as I didn’t see much return on them. Other paid promotional opportunities like Bookbub and Ereader News Today are generally thought of as two of the most successful paid promotional tools for authors.


4. How do you divide your time between writing and book promotion?

Promotion can be very time consuming. When I first started out, I spent too much time on promotion. It’s easy to get hooked into it. But I’ve started to find a better balance between the two. When I’m running a sale or other promotion, I will put a lot more time into promotional activities. But when I’m not, I try to focus more on the writing. It’s also important not to overly promote on social media. No one wants to see “buy my book” posts every single day.


5. How do you get readers to leave reviews for your book?

Great question! Before I was an author, I had no concept of the importance of reviews. And there are plenty of readers that are just like I was. I think letting fans know that reviews are important is a good first step. Also, letting readers know that reviews don’t have to be long sagas or specially written prose and that short and honest reviews are perfectly acceptable. Never pressure readers into giving reviews. And finally, write the best book possible so that your fans will want to review it.


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