TGIF Book Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to have your Author Website Work for You

Guest Expert: Teresa Morrow

Just like any other business owner, you, as an author want to have a website that will showcase your book in its best light. However, knowing where to start can be a daunting task, leading your head to spin. The website is about you and to focus on the end result are just a few things to remember when thinking about your author website.

Here are a few insights to have your author website work for you and your book.

1) Showcase YOU – No matter what you showcase on your site, don’t lose site of you—your uniqueness. You draw people to you just being who you are as long as you open your spirit. As a writer allow your genuine being come through your writing. It is in you and when you allow it come forward, your writing will flow.

2) Don’t stop short – Remember to place those things you really wish to have on your site that reflects the message of your book. Allow your author site to offer your readers items they would want to access. Some times authors stop short of displaying items their readers would like to see on the author site.

3) Focus on the results – It can be easier to think about the “I still want to do…” instead of the happiness of the finished details. Because websites are subjective, you might let time go by and continue to question if other people will like you website. If you take the time to site and embrace the gratefulness of what you have been doing yourself in a place of happiness because of an accomplishment, you will find it will be easier to sit and write more.

4) Ask for help, if needed – With some many things you have going on with you writing, putting together the technical parts of the author website, may be too much. You may wish to get some help with this and that is okay. Hiring a professional web consultant and designer may just be the thing you need.

5) Don’t fear the changes – Like your writing, you may find out with your website, will come changes and updates. Don’t fret. This is normal and actually a good thing because for the most part, it is just an indication of better things for your readers and you, as the author.

With a website being an important component to any author’s online marketing plan, you don’t want to take the task lightly. And you don’t want a website to be the one thing that keeps you frustrated. So, asking for help if you need it and focusing on the results are a few things that will shift your website in a forward direction to have it benefit you, the author, and your book.

Teresa Morrow is founder of Key Business Partners, LLC, a online book promotion company. She eliminates the stress from authors and writers by managing their online promotion efforts by using such strategies as virtual book tours, internet radio show interviews and social media marketing. Her goal is to help you by gaining more exposure for your book by creating a celebration around your book with people from around the world.

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5 thoughts on “TGIF Book Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to have your Author Website Work for You

  1. Thanks Teresa!

    Very good read. All of your points have value. I enjoyed it, confirmed some things that I was thinking, and learned a couple new things. I just wrote my first eBook, “How to Buy Your First Home with Confidence”, and my website is up and running. I am having trouble getting the amount of traffic I want without spending a ton.

    I think though, focus on my sales page is just as important as traffic getting there. Thanks a lot for the article!


    Larry Nielsen, Author
    “How to Buy Your First Home with Confidence”

  2. Larry,

    First, congrats on your book! A great success indeed.

    Thank you for contributing to the conversation. I appreciate it.

    You mentioned you don’t know how to get the traffic you want without spending tons of money.

    Here are some things you may wish to think about:
    If you just got the site up, it will take time for people (and the search engines) to know you are there.
    Also, do you have a blog set up? If not, a blog is a great way to share your expertise with others about your subject.
    And don’t forget about social media marketing to help compliment your marketing and get traffic to your site.
    All of these take some time, however, not any money to get started. And each of them create a platform to help get traffic to your site and people knowing about you and your book.

    I hope this helps a little bit more Larry.

    If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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