8 Things Most Self-Publishing Authors Overlook

8 Things Most Self-Publishing Authors Overlook

From one side, an author is free to choose any topic or argument while self-publishing. From the other side, having no limitations may result in a failure, especially when the writer is inexperienced. Observe the list of 8 things self-publishing writers usually overlook and try to learn from their mistakes.

Catchy Title is the Clue

What’s up with the title? The primary thing many young authors overlook is the title. Keep in mind that a title of your essay or novel is your face. You have no right to come up with an unoriginal title. Otherwise, you risk being associated with the famous author for the rest of your life even if you have nothing in common. Some authors may argue that offering a title that already exists may serve as a great marketing tool, but it is not easy to handle SEO and make your story outperform the original by the number of views and place in the search results.

The Importance of Promo Kit

Where have you lost a promo kit? Some of the young writers fail to include an adequate summary of the masterpiece. Moreover, it is critical to add a long/short biography, a tagline, and an expert headshot. Do not underestimate the power of the keywords when writing those texts. It is better to improve the knowledge of search engine optimization before preparing these elements. Without taglines and bios, it is impossible to reach out to the target audience. Experts recommend having an entire promo folder.

Specific Marketing Goals

What are your marketing purposes? One more thing many online authors overlook is the email marketing. They do not realize the importance of setting up the email address to achieve the marketing goals. It is better to have a separate email address for marketing purposes instead of using personal email. Other things to avoid are the services like AOL or Hotmail as they are not effective for such goals.

Professional Feedback

Do you know any well-known figures? You will need some authorities to have a look at your work and decide on the proper grade for you. If you manage to obtain endorsements from the authoritative authors or researchers, it is halfway to success. Choose carefully based on your genre and theme. That is a great tool for marketing on social media.

Free/Paid ISBN

Do you have ISBN? You have most probably noticed that most books possess their ISBNs. ISBN could be either free or paid. Those authors who do not use a print-on-demand company and prefer a local printer should definitely buy personal ISBN.

Amazon Author Central Page Design

Is your Amazon Author Central Page eye-catching and impressive? Most of the authors dream of selling their masterpieces on Amazon and other large stores. Amazon is the first step to the world’s recognition. Do not forget to develop the Amazon Author Central page even if you did not plan it first. Let the audience learn more about yourself. Experts recommend linking social network accounts, blog feeds, and book trailers on this page as well. Taking into account your future works will show up here; it is a great trick.

Book’s Snippets

How about teasing the audience with the book’s snippets? For many people, it is not enough just to have a look at the cover and title to read it from cover to cover. If you want more people to purchase your masterpiece, try to tease the social media followers with the snippets of your story. The best type of snippets is the most powerful, intriguing quote. Collect such quotes by taking notes during the book review. For most of the modern readers, the text alone is not enough, so support I with some visual elements to post on Pinterest or Instagram later. It is simple: copy-paste the chosen book quotes into instruments like Canva to generate top-quality promotional images.

Professional Writers for Hire

Purchase online writing help if needed. If you feel like losing an inspiration, you can always hire experts at writing services to handle an unexpected writing block. Another situation is when an author who arrived from non-English speaking country tries to present his or her first essay or book ever. The UK or US community will not accept the story with many grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. Thus, a professional custom writing service may help young authors to improve their works.

Oh, and one more thing! When did you last talk to your community members? Keeping in touch with the author’s community is critical. The majority of modern authors ignore the local libraries as we are living in a digital age. However, a library is the best promotion for a local author, so you should not underestimate its role in your career. Discuss the possibility of donating your work or planning a book signing there. A press release would be a great addition to your attempts! It might be an overview of the local writer’s work that will arrive in a couple of weeks!

With these tips by your side, you will soon become a successful self-publishing author!

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