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Title: 11 book title generator tools you should check out immediately

Coming up with an excellent book title is crucial and yet daunting. It is equal parts art and science, and can really test your patience.

So, how do you present a creative title that not only reflects what your book is about, but also generates sales? The good old-fashioned technique of coming up with brilliant ideas is passé. Now, you can utilize a number of tools to assist you in this intensely creative process. Listed below are some amazing tools that will gift you with the most catchy book titles:

1. Random Sci-fi title generator

This resource is an advanced spin-off from the original Book Title Generator. The tool offers you with titles suitable for an Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. If it comes up with the title of a short story or a book already in existence, you can be sure that it was completely random. If it produces a title that matches with the story of your book, then do you use it. This tool was prepared by a UK based entrepreneur and is highly favored by budding

2. Random story title Generator 2.0

This is the upgraded version of a javascript random title generator. It draws inspiration from multiple different sources to create random titles for short stories and books.

Its results might not always be meaningful, and that’s why it presents five options. You can select the title that’s best suited for your story. You can be sure that any fictional characters or places presented are within the public domain. Also, you have the option to double check on that before using it.

3. Awesome Titles Generator

If your book is nonfiction, you might want to check out the Awesome Titles Generator tool. It will provide you with a whopping 700 headlines depending on the words you enter. These are ideally meant for journal articles or blog post headlines. But since there are a host of options, you will definitely find it useful to create a title for your book. 

4. Mystery Title Generator

When you are aiming to present an impactful title for a mystery novel, this resource is your answer. The mystery title this generator will offer the most appropriate title for your story. It produces nearly dozens of different titles. Some such specimens include, “The Mystery At Corrupt Cove” and “The Mystery Of The Cryptic Ladder” to name a few.

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool is again super easy to use. Tough this is ideally used for non-fiction writing (like blogs, journal articles, features), you can use it to create great book title for your fiction. All you’ll have to do is type in the subject and you’ll get multiple ideas to come up with a title.

This idea generator is quite unique. For instance, if you don’t like the title of your write-up, you can simply click refresh, and you’ll receive a set of new and different title ideas.

6. Obscure Hub Sci-Fi Title Generator

This resource is another valuable addition when you are searching for a title generator for your book on the sci-fi genre. It will present three different science fiction titles for you with every click of the button. Some examples are as follows: “Day of the Blood Worms”, “The Time Stone, Damion Shuttleworth and the Planet Maker” etc.

7. Fatjoe title Generator

Fatjoe is another free title generator which allows you to find stellar title ideas. With this resource, you can easily and instantly generate some unusual and impactful ideas for your write-ups. You need to follow a rather simple process, i.e. enter a topic or a keyword and click on “generate title ideas”.

You can find around ten attractive titles, and if you need more, then you can click on generate ten more ideas. This resource is ideal for non-fiction writing like feature stories, articles and blog posts. However, you can use it for books as well.

8. Topical Brainstorm Tool

The topical brainstorm is a resource which is helpful to suggest some useful and pertinent title ideas. You can get an extensive list of keyword suggestions and attractive title ideas without having to wrack your brains.

You can insert a related keyword in the title generator tool and hit enter. It will display the humongous list of subcategories. This resource was developed with the inputs of Articulayer and Bizsugar and is inspired by Copyblogger.

9. Essay Title Generator

With Essay Title Generator, you can create thoughtful titles for your writing in a jiffy. This resource is specifically used for students who struggle to present a hard-hitting title in class. So, this tool will be perfect as a resource to provide essay writer to the students.

You have to type in a relevant term related to your essay or non-fiction book in this tool. The options that appear can make your work hassle-free. Also, you can define the search (whether you need a verb or noun, or whether the essay should be persuasive, narrative, informative, etc).

10. Buzzfeed Title Generator

This tool is specifically designed to create effective titles in an absolutely hassle-free way. The tool was developed after observing some common patterns in BuzzFeed titles and acts as a potent resource for content creators online. The tool’s dashboard itself will guide you through the process of presenting effective titles. However, you might need to make some modifications to bring the title in a suitable form.

11. Book Title Name Generator

The Fantasy Name Generators site has also come up with a tool that generates book title ideas in different genres, including fantasy, adventure, science fiction, horror, and romance. You need to select your preferred genre and press the “get names” button and it immediately comes up with ten titles.

Wrapping it up,

With all these resources for title generation, you do not have to have worry about getting a suitable article for your book or articles. You can use these free online title generator tools anytime, and catch your readers’ attention from the moment they read the title. If you want us to add more amazing resources on the list, let us know in the comments below.

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