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6 Best Tools to Write an Attractive Title for Your Book

You might not judge a book by its cover, but you readers surely will. Don’t be surprised when you find a booklover picking up a book and judging it by its title. Today is all about providing an eye-catchy packaging, and a great title is a part of it. If you can make the right first impression, the chances of making a sale increase manifold. Yes, it can be frustrating sometimes to find engaging book titles. You might get your writer’s block or just get out of ideas. In such situations, taking a little help from the outside can be the best decision to make.

There are many tools available online that can help you to create interesting titles. You can always modify the generated titles or create your own after taking inspiration from these tools. If you want to develop a highly creative and best-seller book worthy title, use the following tools:

#1. Blog Topic Generator of Hubspot

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This is a very popular tool that is used by both professional authors and blog writers. Although it is called a topic generator, it will give you some great titles which you can use. In a world dominated by digitization, readers get attracted to unusual and different kinds of titles. And if you search the internet, you will find some blogs with titles that will make you curious. Hence, you can get blog titles generated by this tool and modify it according to your need. To get the titles, you will just have to insert a noun and click on the button below. You can also provide your details to increase the number of blog ideas generated by the tool.

#2. TweakYourBiz Title Generator

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This tool can be regarded as one of the best title generators. Here, you can get a long list of titles divided into different categories. You just have to enter your topic, select a few options, and click the ‘submit’ button. Then, you will find different categories like ‘how to’, ‘best’, ‘secrets’, ‘questions,’ etc. According to the category, there will be a long list of titles which you can use for your book. This tool will spoil you for choices. Thus, you will have a limited choice which can make it difficult to come up with a unique name for a book. You can select one or multiple titles and mix them to create your unique title.

Tip- It is always better to check the generated titles for plagiarism. This is something that you cannot afford in your writing career. You can use tools for this purpose. One trustworthy tool that will serve the purpose is the plagiarism checker of MyAssignmenthelp.

#3. Fantasy Novel Title Generator


This easy to use tool is great for getting creative book titles, especially for fantasy fiction novels. Hence, if you write on this genre, you can use this tool to get some title. This tool is present on the website of Serendipity and can generate as much as fifty titles at a time. You just have to click on the ‘Another’ button to keep on getting titles. Here are some other examples of book titles generated by it:
Child of Madness
Dwillian’s Emerald
Deathless Discord
Maiden of the Summer Heart
The Island Hero

#4. Blog Title Generator by


This is another title generator with a very simple layout. You just need to enter the main topic or theme in the blank space, and you will be provided with a structure of title, in which you can insert your own keyword. Thus, you can get many ideas for creating an interesting title. This tool gives you the opportunity to create a structure and customize it using different keywords. You can also click on the ‘refresh’ button to change the current title structure.

#5. Content Idea Generator by

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This tool has a very appealing layout. From this title generator, you will get some really catchy headings that can give your book an edge from the others. Here, you will need to insert the subject in a specified area to get a title. The site clearly mentions the rules to follow in order to get the best results.

  • Unless it is a proper noun, you should not capitalize the main keyword you are inserting as the subject.
  • You must use the keyword’s singular version
  • You should revise the generated title to get a heading that is grammatically correct.

In this tool, you will also find the purpose of every word in the generated title given separately. Thus, you can create an attractive, yet meaningful title.

Tip- As you can see, the possibility of getting grammatically incorrect headlines remain in case of these tools, because of which it is very important to proofread them. There are several tools available to help you with the job. AllEssayWriter has a great tool for proofreading texts.


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This is a title generating tool with a very simple interface. This tool gives titles that are specifically for books. Just by clicking on the button, you will get 6 titles simultaneously. If you are not satisfied with them, you can again click on the same button to get another set of titles. However, the site has mentioned that it is possible to find some title that already exists. Thus, the importance of checking the headings for plagiarism can again be seen. In such a situation, use tools like TopHomeworkHelper. It is effective enough to detect one copied line in the text.

The necessity of using an appealing title for a book has increased largely. It is important to give equal effort in promoting the book as you have given in writing it. Without an appealing title, your book might not even be picked up from the shelves. Make the audience curious, so that they develop a desire to know more, helping you to get an increased sale.

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