Content Marketing of Your Auto Business Books

7 Powerful Secrets to Improve the Content Marketing of Your Auto Business Books

Read and find out the best content marketing trends and techniques for auto business books promotion. How to grab and to keep your target audience’s attention? Read and learn about the most efficient and affordable marketing strategies to make your books popular and your customers are frequent flyers.

Content marketing is evolving rapidly. It is still in the top of basic marketing tools that influence the brand via improving and attracting new customers. Do you want to learn how to use this magic tool to promote books on auto business themes? All right, there we go.

Dream about getting the template that is ready to use? It won’t work! First, you need to be keen on the content marketing’s current trends to adapt and to make them usable in your business – writing and publishing auto business books.

Good news! Here is the list of all the latest trends in content marketing.

TOP 7 Techniques to Make You Famous

One more thing should be mentioned – the essence of the content marketing. Do you really know it? Sure, you do, but let’s revise. It’s the creating an interesting and valuable expert content and publishing it on the online resources where your target audience is accumulated. Now, you’ve got it. Go on with the trends.

1. Content Production

Create relevant and useful content for your potential customers.

  • Don’t be boring! Certainly, you cannot do without some terminology but try to dilute it with amusing stories or jokes. People enjoy laughing to de-stress and they will be grateful to you for such a chance.
  • Besides, write texts that are linked to the current developments in your field of interests and professional space. It’s a no-brainer, look at the example: “I wanted to write this book being retired but I realized I wouldn’t have time”.
  • Be generous! Don’t skimp on smart and friendly reviews for other writers’ books into your line.
  • Leave interesting comments at specialized forums.

What could be better in content marketing of books? Oh, it could be – remember to sign not only with your name but to mention your authorship of the certain book. Moreover, don’t be lazy to leave the link to your website.

2. Video Marketing

The video format is the content marketing’s future. The Cisco Company’s specialists believe that the video will take up to 80% of all Internet-traffic by 2019. Sounds impressive, right?
One of the efficient content marketing video tools is streaming. Use live broadcasts for productive reputation building. While streaming you influence the audience’s minds. They start thinking like this: “Oh, he streams often, he is easy-going and isn’t afraid of misunderstanding. His books are worth reading”.

3. Personalization

Gartner Company found out the impressive fact – the content’s personalization increases book sales by 20%. Wow! Time to start immediately!
Stop! Let’s see what does it really mean.
Target your dynamic blocks, pop-ups, and everything that it is possible to target in order to inform the audience about news, promotions, etc.

4. User-generated Content

You are a demanded writer and your fans with you forever. You can forget about being so indispensable.
It is necessary to motivate loyal readers. Then they’ll share their experience of your cooperation with others. Make the users’ content your marketing weapon: use their stories in your books, posts, and other publications.

5. Messengers in Content Marketing

How to handle with the messengers? You really have a plethora of opportunities.
Create channels to widespread the new important content to increase your audience. Implement chatbots for the auto sales funnel’s performing. Provide your readers with a convenient consulting format.

6. Engagement Control

If you want to make auto business subjects demanded, contact your reader. Does it mean to phone or to send numerous emails? No way!
Use storytelling to make the emotional connections in order to make the reader feel and think the same, to cause his true interest, and to involve him in your experience. If you manage to increase your audience’s loyalty, it will fix your own positions in business.

7. Analytics Rules

If you don’t know your readers’ reactions, responses, and behavior, you know nothing and you get nothing.

  • Keep an eye on your blog’s attendance.
  • See the traffic sources in the contest of time sections.
  • Find the publications with the highest traffic.
  • Analyze the behavioral dimensions.
  • Pay attention to the number of likes, dislikes, and sharing, as well as the comments.
  • Don’t miss the incoming links and reposts with the links to the source.

Content marketing is multifaceted. Trends and popular tools are relatively changeable. It is very important to consider the whole information to build your own unique image of an auto book writer. In this case, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition in your niche.

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