Announcing the New Landing Page Widget Technology from BookBuzzr

At BookBuzzr, we’ve been working for over 2 years with thousands of authors with just one goal in mind – get them to find more readers and sell more books through the use of innovative technologies. Our research showed that one of the major challenges an author faces is in grabbing the attention of their blog and website visitors and getting them to take a desired action.
So we’ve come up with a nifty little new technology called the Landing Page Widget.

What is a Landing Page Widget?

A Landing Page Widget is an overlay or a splash screen that shows an animated image along with a call to action (such as “Buy My Book”, or “Pre-Order” or “Participate in the Giveaway”.) The widget shows up over your content (whether it is your blog content or website content) and the user can close the widget to access the underlying content.
No coding is necessary and the entire process of installing the widget is really simple.


Let us say that you’re launching a new book. You would get the “Curtain Raiser” Landing Page widget for your book. This would look like this:

All widget themes are available at no extra charge to BookBuzzr subscribers. To access them, simply log in to BookBuzzr, choose your subscribed book and click on the Landing Page Widget option under Get Widgets Section.

At present we’re releasing this technology with one theme – for new books (called the “Curtain Raiser” theme). We’re in the process of releasing many other themes over the next few months.

See a sample of the widget in action on the following author pages:

Happy Book Marketing!

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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9 thoughts on “Announcing the New Landing Page Widget Technology from BookBuzzr

  1. Looks like a great marketing tool, Vikram. It definitely makes a big impact in a few seconds, which is key to modern promotional efforts.

  2. How does this work? I’ve tried for weeks and can’t get it to post. Is there a missing link?

  3. Hi Nathan,

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    We need more details from you as we’re not able to reproduce it. We’ll contact you through email and help you get set up.


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