8 Social Media Tips for Effective Book Marketing

So, you’re on your way to finishing your pride and joy, and you’re nearly ready to release. You’ve spent months pouring over your sentences, words and chapters and you think it’s ready for the big time!

Now’s the time to market your book to the world. As you know, social media will be one of the best ways to get the word out. Today, we’ll explore eight key tips that will help you market your book in the best way.

Give Away a Free Sample

Nothing gets people’s buying juices flowing better than something that’s free. Give your potential readers a free sample for following your social media pages, and if they love the sample, they’ll probably buy the book.

Create a Brand

When marketing your new book, you’ve got to think of yourself as a business selling a product, which is what you are doing. However, like any business, you need to brand yourself. This means writing your social media posts in a consistent tone of voice.

People love to connect with businesses which is why it’s important for you to get to know your readers on a personal level and not just fall into the trap of talking about your book all the time.

Encourage Word of Mouth

As with any business, the technique of word of mouth is on the most effective methods of marketing. In most cases, it’s simply a case of asking your readers to let their friends know what they thought of the book. If they think it’s great, the chances are that their friends will want to read it as well!

Engage with Your Audience

Whether you’re posting on forums or on your social media pages, watch and monitor how people are talking about your book. You can imagine their delight when their comment is highlighted and replied to by the author themselves.

Engaging with your readers is one of the best ways to help increase ‘hype’ over your book. This is another way that people can get to know you, helping them to form emotional attachments to your book.

Update Your Social Media Pages

Every social media platform gives you the opportunity to describe yourself to the world. Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, each website gives you a biography section that you need to use to your advantage.

Within this bio, mention your book and give some brief information on it. You’ll really help to draw people in if you create a compelling bio. If you’re too busy focused on other aspects of selling your book, you can use writing services such as State of Writing and Grade on Fire for ideas.

Create a Press Release

There’s nothing more exciting for a writer than seeing their book marketed in a leading publication. However, to get your book into this position, you’ll need to create a press release. For those who don’t know, a press release is a document that you send off to a collection of media publications.

The media publications who want to write a story about your book will get in touch. Within this release, you’ll want to include a bit of information about yourself, information about your book and a sample of the text.

However, don’t risk sending a poor press release as many of the publications will simply dismiss it, and you’ll have missed your chance. For more information on creating press releases and for writing advice when creating one, check out Best Australian Writers or Elite Assignment Help.

Advertise Via Email

This is an incredibly simple technique to market your book that many authors overlook. During this marketing process, the chances are that you’ll be spending a lot of time sending and replying to emails.

If this is the case, why not put the title and the link to your book into your email signature. Every time you send an email, you’ll be advertising your book.

Run a Content

This is one of the most beneficial ways to market your book, and you’re almost guaranteed to see an increase and return. However, it does take a lot of planning and organisation. The easiest way for an author to run a competition would be by asking for reviews of your book.

Run the competition over the course of a month or two and give away a $50 gift card to the best one. You’ll have a lot more feedback, and it’s at minimal cost to you.


If you’ve been struggling for ways to market your book to the world, don’t worry, it’s not as daunting or as difficult as it sounds. All it takes is hard work, perseverance and determination to succeed.

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