Write a Book and Make Money

Write a Book and Make Money Right from The Start

Would you like to proactively start making money while writing a book?

It is estimated that only one in twenty authors become a bestseller.

What’s worse is that around one in a hundred authors actually earn a living from their book. In fact, most authors find it very hard to get back what sunk into their book.

What does the 1% do differently? Even more important, can you become one of the few?

They’ve found the formula for how to write a book, publish it, get it on the bestseller lists and for it to make a lot of money from them.

It’s not just luck, because some are able to do it consistently.

There are many success factors to writing a good book, but I would like to focus on the three most important factors to successfully writing a bestseller and making a good profit.

If you learn and implement these factors, you could add an additional 6 or 7-figures to your income from each book you write from now on.

Key Factor 1

– Design a business from each book so that each book has desirable products to go with it.

A book is more than just paper and ink. Your book communicates your knowledge in a familiar format that others can enjoy and use. You’ll have a far greater level of success when you realize that you can communicate that same information in other ways that sell just as effectively. When you’re thinking about your next book, proactively plan other products and services so that your book fits into your business in an intentional way. Not only will you have a very additional system of marketing, but also extra income streams, because the book sells everything and everything sells the book.

Key Factor 2

– As your write the book, add in all of the necessary components and some of the enticing ones, and you’ll find your book is easy to market, advertise, and sell.

There are several ingredients that are absolutely essential to creating a bestseller, and some must be designed in from the beginning. There are also some highly desirable features which expand the marketability and value of your book. For example, you must have a bar code and an ISBN number, plus certain bindings and features so that retail stores can sell your book for you. There are also about 10 features that make your book much easier to sell. Some features that all New York Times Bestsellers have in common are: resources listings, captivating stories that make a point, relevant quotes, testimonials and an index.

Key Factor 3

– Proactively begin your book pre-sales while you are still writing and control pre-sales to the fullest extent possible so that your books will be purchased in the way and time that will do you the best.

If you want to make your book a bestseller, then you should learn what it takes to do so. For instance, not all sales of books help the book towards a bestseller status and it’s extremely important to know which ones do. Keep your attention to only those that matter and compress the sales during the best span of time and if you have done your homework and attracted the right sales volume you’ll have a guaranteed winner.


If you want to know how to write a book that makes money and becomes a bestseller, then use the formula that others use to successfully hit that goal. Choose to use the Key Factors outlined above and keep your eye on the ball, and you’ll hit a home run every time.

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