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How to write a book review that matters

Getting your first book review is a great deal. Readers are always interested in book reviews to find out if the book is as impressive as they thought it would be initially. But writing a piece that matters requires you to be honest and give details that will help readers make informed choices. Here are a few tips on how to write book reviews that matter.

Describe what the book is about

The first thing you need to do is to describe the book in a few sentences. However, professionalism with book review requires you not to give any plot twists or spoilers. Never write details of what happens from the middle of the book onward. You may want to mention whether the book is a series and how it relates to the other books in the same series. You also need to indicate if it is necessary for a reader to read the other books in the series to enjoy this one.

Pace yourself

If you want to dive into book reviews as a profession, you may feel like you have to keep reading about three books a day to be successful. However, a quick and efficient turnaround is not as significant as a good review. Therefore make sure that you pace yourself. Treat the review like eating an elephant. You have to start with a little bit at a time.

Most publications will give you about 4-6 weeks before they need to publish the review. When you have ten books in waiting, do not concentrate on making the review a perfect one, make sure that the information is meaningful and digestible.


When writing

After you’ve gained some experience as a reader, you realize that poorly written books can teach you just as much as well written ones. Whether you are reviewing fiction or non-fiction, it is vital that you write notes at the end of each chapter. These notes will help you remember all the elements that appealed to you and that will be important to the readers.

For non-fiction, you need to read the introduction to find out what the author intended when they were structuring the content. This will allow you to find out how this book stands out from the rest in the category. This is the most critical part of your review.

For fiction, your notes need to cover gamut pacing, dialogue, character, and plot. The summary should never give away to much. All you need is enough information to give your readers a taste of what the book is like and how it can entice readers. If you having trouble writing the ending for your piece, you can always seek help from some essay writing service australia

As a book reviewer, you will also have to read some terribly written books. Even when the book has no redeeming qualities, it is difficult to be objective. You have to write your notes and cobble together objective feedback.

You have to learn the sandwich method that means that you have to sandwich the criticism between positive sides of the information. Even the worst books have redeemable qualities and flaws. Make your review honest and objective, so the readers understand what to expect.

A great thing about reviews is that you are forced to express your most in-depth ideas with the fewest words. However make sure that you do not eliminate too many words, you do not need to be robotic.

Round up

Make sure that you end your review by suggesting the type of reader you would recommend to the book. For instance, young readers, people who enjoy relationship drama, mystery, comedy and other books. Here you also have the freedom to list other books that compare to this one. That way, your readers will compare it with some other books that they have read.

These tips will help you get the best paid book reviewer jobs.

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