Announcing the Launch of the World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site

We’re super-excited to let you know that our vision of building the World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site targetted towards book-lovers has moved a giant step closer to becoming a reality. We now list over 300 books on the site. No other book contest or book giveaway site comes close to this number! Genuine book lovers play games on the site for a chance to win the books listed on the site. The patent-pending technology designed to market your book through this fun, gaming interface to genuine book lovers is called BookBuzzr Games.

And we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to now promote your book on Freado at an introductory price of just $4.79 per month. As a special, the first month is completely free when you subscribe.

What do you get for $4.79 per month?

Your book-cover will be memorized a minimum of a 100 times every month by showing up in 100 CoverMatcher games on And the system is designed to show your book to genuine book readers who may be interested in your book category. This is very different from the idea of advertising your book on Facebook, or through banner ads. In most of those other systems, your target market may skip looking at your book information. On BookBuzzr Games, your target market actively looks at and memorizes your book cover so that they can match it with it’s pair in the shortest possible time.

Why should you subscribe your book for BookBuzzr Games?

>> Because your target market is likelier to look at your book cover
>> Because your target market is likelier to tell others about your book
>> Because you create interest in your book in a whole new way

To start promoting your book via BookBuzzr Games or to just see a free demo of how your book looks inside the game, go to, login and click on the “Subscribe” link.

Naveen is the Customer Support Executive and Social Media Manager at BookBuzzr. When he is not working or playing GTA, he is working on finishing his graduation.

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