Directory of Facebook Fan Pages of Romance Authors


This directory is intended to help Romance authors find other authors in their genre and network with them on Facebook. If you are a Romance author and you have not been featured on this page, please let us know in the comments section we’ll be happy to add you in. Please provide name and Facebook fan page or public profile URL. Also, if you’ve got suggestions to improve the usability or usefulness of this directory, please let us know in the comments.


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Abbey K Davies Kerry Rockwood White
Aggie Villanueva Kim Lawrence
Alberta ross Kristi Loucks
Alice Catherine Sneyd Kundan Chhabra
AmBear Shellea L C Russell
Amelia James Lauren Clark
Amy Lignor Leandi Cameron
Andrew Butcher Lillie Spencer
Anne Allen Linda Louise Rigsbee
Aoife Marie Sheridan Lisa Kessler
Ashby-BP Publishing (Mary Dunford) Loni Flowers
Belinda G. Buchanan Marissa Farrar
Boss Writer Mary Andrews
C J Evans Mary Ann Bernal
Cassandra Carter Maxine Douglas
Charlie Romo Melissa Smith
Cherry Radford Melissa Haag
Christie Thigpen Melynda Caston
CKay Brooks Michael Ellah
Connie Flynn Michelle Sutton
Dana Taylor Michelle Hughes
Dana Michelle Burnett Nancy Naigle
Dawn Gray Neil Parnham
Dawna Raver Norwood Holland
Debbie Heaton Owen Choi
Deborah Cox P. O. Dixon
Debra Brown Pauline Williams
Debra Dove Peggy Love
Debra Robinson Perry Martin
Denise Alicea Rebecca King
Denise Turney Regan Black
Derek Haines Renae Lucas-Hall
Dianne Harman Riley Banks
Dilsa Saunders Bailey Roberta Kagan
Diva Jefferson Roger Waterloo
Donna K Fitch S.J. Wist
Dorian Smith S.L. Dearing
Dr Anita Dix (McLaughlin) Samreen Ahsan
Dyphia Blount Sarah Ako Myers
E.M. Ragland Shalini Boland
Elizabeth A Reeves Sharon Cupp Pennington
Ellen Ekstrom Sharon Lee Hobbs
Emily Hill Sheri Henry-Harrigan
Emily Kinney Sherry Faulk
Emily Guido Shevi Arnold
ER Pierce Sonia Loren
Ericka Simpson Sophie Davis
Faye Hall Sophie Davis
GJ Walker-Smith Stephanie Fletcher
Gladys Quintal Sue Mydliak
Holly Robinson T. Lynne Tolles
Honey Jans Tamara Jackson
Hywela Lyn Tania Tirraoro
J. M. Hochstetler Ted Anthony Roberts
J.L. Campbell Terra Harmony
Jaamzshow Terri D
James Twerell Terri Giuliano Long
Jan Moran Tina Klinesmith
Jane Radford Tolulope Popoola
Jeanette Vaughan Tony Scott Macauley
Jeffrey Benthall Tracy Krauss
Jenna Storm Tracy L. Darity
John A. Andrews Tramaine Green
June Foster Vanna B
K.A. Tucker Velda Brotherton
Karen Cote William Truth
KaSonndra Leigh Winslow Eliot
Kat Flannery Yvette Monae



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