Freado Hangman Games FAQ

What exactly is Freado Hangman?

Freado Hangman from (BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies) is an innovative new way to help you market your book in a viral manner. The technology helps you create your own word games and post them on your blog or website. The word games can be related to your book. Here’s an example that promotes best selling author Ellen Maze’s vampire books:

How does Freado Hangman help me in promoting my book?

Research shows that you have just 3 seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor to your website. The average visitor is looking for something out of the ordinary. By putting up a word game, you have a higher probability of getting visitors more interested an involved with the content of your book. The game itself is simple enough that everybody with just 5 minutes to spare can enjoy it.

Why should I create my own Freado Hangman games?

You should create your own Freado Hangman games because:

  1. Your book will show up alongside your game
  2. You can ask users to guess words and phrases related to your book
  3. Your game has the potential to spread in a viral manner on Freado and Facebook.

My book is targeted towards adults. Aren’t games only for kids?

On the contrary research shows that the vast majority of “gamers” are women in their thirties and beyond. But the type of games they play are not the kind that you normally find kids playing (which are mostly shoot and destroy kind of games.) The games that these slightly older people play are casual games (like solitaire, mahjong and of course, word games.)

My book deals with a serious topic. Will creating a game trivialize my book?

On the contrary, a casual word game is an excellent way to draw new audiences towards your book. For example, if you’ve written a book on breast cancer, a word game that asks readers to guess the names of 10 celebrities that have survived breast cancer is an excellent way to attract a completely new audience to your book or reinforce the message of your book to your existing audience.

How do I create a Freado Hangman game?

Play any Hangman game. At the end of the game, you will see a button that says, “Create Hangman Game”. Click on this button and follow the onscreen instructions which are really simple. In fact, our primary testing has shown that a six year old can create a hangman game within 5 minutes!

How do I post a Freado Hangman game on my blog or website?

After you create the game, you will see a small piece of “embed code”. Copy-paste this embed code wherever you want to and it should work there. This is very much like sharing a YouTube video.

How do I post a Freado Hangman game on my Facebook page?

At present, there is no easy way for you to post a Freado Hangman game to your Facebook page. We’re working on it. For now, you can promote your book on your author website, blog and on

How do I create a Freado Hangman game that actually promotes my book?

Here are some tips to create a game that actually promotes your book:

  1. Make it fun. Be creative.
  2. Make it relevant to the content of your book.
  3. Don’t make it to “sale-sy”. Avoid hard-selling your book.

My book is a children’s book. I like the idea but I don’t like the imagery of a Hanging man. Is there an alternative imagery?

If you have written a children’s book, your book will automatically have the imagery of a Spider. See below for sample of such a game.

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8 thoughts on “Freado Hangman Games FAQ

  1. I’m just a regular playing customer. I’ve made 3 hangman games based on one of my fave authors. From what i’ve just read it’s only authors that should be making hangman games . Am i mistaken about this? I came to this area looking for answers as to how the points i’ve earned apply to the ones i’ve won playing covermatch and hangman, and now i believe i shouldn’t have even been making games. There is a link for me to be able to do this so im a little confused.


  2. CanD,

    Thank you for creating hangman games. Any player on can create hangman games and earn royalty points when other players play their games. Many creative players on freado are already creating various games on different themes and sharing it with their friends.

  3. I have created several games and find it quite fun to do so. However, when I try to add one of my games to my blog, other people’s games show up.

    Plus I would also like to know what the Royalty Points can be used for.


  4. Janice,

    It seems like you have logged into your fReado account. As you are the creator of the game you will not be allowed to play or view the game hence other people’s games was showing up. If you would like to see your game please logout from your Freado account or check in a different browser. The royalty points earned by you for the hangman games will be automatically added into your freado account. You can use these points to bid for any prize on

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