Important Announcement – The BookBuzzr Flipper Now Works Inside Twitter

As you may know, the BookBuzzr Flipper works like Amazon’s Look Inside – only better. It can be embedded on your blog, website, Facebook fan page, GoodReads posts and even your email. Today, we’re pleased to announce that your BookBuzzr Flipper can even be embedded inside your tweets on Twitter. So readers don’t need to leave the Twittersphere to flip through the pages of your book. Further, they can retweet your tweet with your embedded Flipper thus adding a major viral marketing component to the discoverability of your book. You can see a sample of such a tweet below:

Some ideas to get further mileage from your tweetable BookBuzzr Flipper are:

1. You can pin the tweet with the embedded flipper to the top of your timeline on Twitter.
2. You can schedule a tweet via the BookBuzzr Book Tweeter tool or your favorite social media scheduler.
3. You (and your readers) can embed the tweet with the embedded flip book in your blog and other places

Please note that this is a feature for paying BookBuzzr subscribers only. If you are a paying subscriber and uploaded your book excerpt, simply login to your BookBuzzr Book Marketing Home Page and click on the ‘Tweet’ button below your book cover and make a tweet.

To subscribe click here.

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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