Brand New Category: Mid-Week Book Marketing Tips

It’s been a little over two months since we started the BookBuzzr blog. Our objective of creating this blog was to share marketing techniques, tips, books, authors, experts, etc. with our growing community of 4000+ authors and 9000+ Twitter followers.

BookBuzzr was born in the mind of an author based on his needs. Since the day we shared BookBuzzr with authors across the world, we have learned a lot from them. Thank you to all authors, publishers and readers who have supported BookBuzzr. (BookBuzzr completes a year on May 2nd 2010 so, watch out for a surprise!)

We knew that book marketing was important for an author, but today we understand how critical it is for an author to not only market their books, but market them well!

It’s with this idea that we are starting a new category/section in our blog: Mid-Week Marketing Tips. Through this new section we will share marketing tips and techniques from book marketing experts. We will also have authors sharing their learning and experience in book marketing.

In April we are hosting –

7th April – Tony Eldridge

14th April – Joanna Penn

21st April – Phyllis Zimbler Miller

28th April – Chetan Druve

Please do mark your calendars for these dates; we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to be a guest blogger for this section please do contact us on Twitter @BookBuzzr

*** Update: Due to unplanned circumstances Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s post has been rescheduled for 5th May 2010 and Joanna Penn will be our guest on 14th May 2010.

Apart from being the Community Engagement Manager at BookBuzzr, Freya is an Incurable Drama Queen, Mind-Vagabond, OCDed Control Freak, Innate Traveller, Proud-Softie Dog Mama, Insatiable Reader and Irregular Blogger. She lives in Bangalore, India with her family of six dogs and a husband. Connect with Freya on twitter @freya3377 or her blog Life as Freya.
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