Why You Should Participate in the Hunger Games Fan Festival on Freado.com

The Hunger Games Fan Festival (THGFF) on Freado is an online celebration of the Hunger Games trilogy where fans of the series create quizzes and word games to win free Hunger Games merchandise. It started on April 10th and ends on April 30th 2012. We’re seeing a huge amount of interest from fans of in this festival with over 60 Hunger Games related quizzes and word games being created in 3 days.

If you are an author catering to the Young Adult or Teen market, this festival offers an unparalleled opportunity to catch the attention of Hunger Games fans and get them to learn about your book.

A number of authors are already taking advantage of this opportunity. Here’s one case study:

Sage Kalmus author of Free Will Flux is an enthusiastic participant in this festival and has created 2 QuickQuizzes and 3 Hangman games. The result is that his creations were played by over 100 readers in just three days. Not only that, each of those readers saw his book and related information at least 10 times each time they played a game.

Our usability testing research shows that author messages placed inside quizzes and games are more effective than Facebook ads (which, by the way, on average cost more than 10 times the average cost of a BookBuzzr DIY Pro subscription.)

The average Facebook ad is placed on the right side. Users tend to screen out these ads. On the other hand, in QuickQuiz and Hangman, your message appears in a much more prominent position and tends to catch the eye of the reader (see working sample below.)

If you are a BookBuzzr subscriber, please participate in this festival. If you are not a subscriber, please join us in the festival. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Vikram Narayan is the founder of BookBuzzr Book Marketing Technologies. Follow him on Twitter
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