Go Forth and Sin No More: Dragon Diaries Vol. 1

Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Dawn Young

Publisher : publish america.com

ABOUT Dawn Young

Dawn Young
I am forty and a first time author. I am one of those unemployed and starving authors. i am about to move across country to help my friend.



A woman with a horrid past comes to find people who help her on her quest to save the planet from the destruction of man kind, while mixing in a blend of Divine and Demonic forces of human and the supernatural variety. They start a Green energy company, while having a more covert and sinister divison of Scientist and hunters of the killers of the world. she gets pulled in many dirrections between her past and that hurt and one bad man after the next. she runs an underground Fortress in Costa Rica, where she has many scientist, which she save from a Russian KGB agent, who uses a psychic to find her.

Ashley Vincent is a troubled young woman who has been horribly tortured by her birth mother, and step-father, who was a dirty cop with the Minneapolis police department. She escapes his abuse and moves to Phoenix, Az. The book starts out in 1996, when she wins a lotto jackpot of 196 million dollars. Her troubled life has created a troubled teen age son. After winning the Lottery she meets an accountant, who worked for the Jewish mob and the U.S. Secret Service. Her friends and son are killed by a drunk driver and she, having nothing left to loose, and having been trained so well by her sociopathic, pedophilic step-father, Frank White, chooses to get justice for the murder of her family, after the killer gets off on a technicality, because the DPS officer beat the driver, and never read him his Miranda rights. It is at this point that she gives up her sobriety, and lands in a dive bar in Payson, AZ- where she meets Retired Col. John Smith of the USAF, whose family has been butchered and left to rot. As one thing leads to another Ashley discovers that she has deep psychic powers. She and Col. Smith spend a year in Japan training with a Buddhist Monk, an Ivy League professor, and a Martial arts master, while having a romance of disaster. When they leave the sanctuary of the Island, she has developed her telepathy, and finds several “Einstein’s” who are on the run from the Russians, and are in dire straits, so, Miss Ashley and John Smith save them, and with the help of a British spy, and a Russian double agent they build a fortress in Costa Rica under ground, where the scientists are deposited for safe keeping, and allowed to run wild with their specific talents. The Russian KGB Agent whom was after the Scientists has a remote viewer, and they find Ashley, and her plane is shot down over North Korea, where she is held hostage and tortured for six months, but is ultimately rescued by the Japanese, whom she has befriended while she was in Japan. She is crippled, but her Einstein’s work for years to create technology to heal her. In the mean time she finds, and hears several varieties of commandos- Deltas, Marines, Army Rangers, Navy Seals, and CIA Ghosts, as well as Chinese women who were in the Army, and a couple in the D.R. Congo, who hunt poachers, also meeting a semi-divine old man in the temple in Israel, as well as the Israeli President, who sets her up to train with his elite team of five Mossad commandos for six months- she stumbles upon people who come to all have a crucial part in the plan of the Divines. This all leads to several companies ranging from electronics, satellite/ cell phones, medical supplies and medicines to a green energy company that created alternate fuels and power resources as well as all the humanitarian works. During all this she is still being hunted by the Russians. While her Accountant/ Lawyer is investing, and growing obscene amounts of money. She also has a more sinister organization- Dragon Ink. This is a secret police force that tracks and hunts the worst kind of criminals that never seem to get caught, such as pedophiles, drug lords, hate mongers, human traffickers, child sex slave rings and terrorists the world over, just to mention a few; sometimes with the permission of the countries, and sometimes without. Enter the Divine beings, which put Ashley and her organization on these missions to clean up the world. She in the course of this meets several world leaders, and they also give her missions, and well as needed help with food, water and fuel plants, which her Einstein’s have created. She also has the aid of an A.I. Super computer, and a cloaked satellite, which is launched on the eve after Sept. 11, 2001. Her powers continue to grow, and she has prophetic dreams and pre-cognition. It’s at this point that she meets Mr. Bones, an assassin, who works for the Jewish mob in Israel, and for Mossad, they are married; however, he has a problem- he beats women, but he is controlled by evil, and has- black outs. This is just about half the book, and there is so much more that happens. It is written as Ashley’s diary; on a day by day basis of things that happen in her life, which is why I had decided to put a prologue in the front of the book to help the reader understand some of this. It has a unique voice. It is a rolling series, and does have some graphic content, and language. I think with some novels it is best to leave some things up to the reader’s imagination. Like a medieval castle in England, or Inbred cannibal Hillbillies living in a salt mine in the Appalachian Mountains, or a Spanish mission circa 1500 A.D. on Apache burial grounds in New Mexico. Some things in this novel are intentionally vague; however, when I read a book I don’t want to read three pages about descriptions of a book shelf, and all of its dust, or too much about technology that I would need an Engineering degree to understand. The pace of this book is very quick, and everything must be paid attention to. I have fish hooks, and mustard seeds through out it all. There are small immediate story lines that are wrapped up in a page or more, but then there are longer story lines that will unfold over several chapters or in some cases over several books. There are secrets that come out over time, as some are spilled quicker.