Panacea (Miscorrection)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By B.C. Young

Publisher : Forever Young Publishing

Panacea (Miscorrection)

ABOUT B.C. Young

B.C. Young
What do you do when a story bounces around inside your head for three or four years? You need to get the story out to people, and the writer needs to tell it. Author B.C. Young had this exact thing happen to him. He was tired of driving back and forth to work everyday, conceiving a story i More...


Panacea (Book 1 – Story 4) My name is Atrasti. I’m a scientist who has made a discovery that could change the human race as we know it. However, there are those who would rather not see this great change. I know that the right thing must be done, and no pressures or threats should stop the progress that can be made. As I contemplate these facts, I realize It is impossible for me to fight this alone. But who would be willing to help me see the finalization of this discovery? Only a man with courage—a man willing to sacrifice his reputation, career, and power can help me…  Approximately 17,000 words.