Pleasure Unbound

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Larissa Ione

Publisher : Grand Central Publishing

Pleasure Unbound

ABOUT Larissa Ione

Larissa Ione
USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of the Demonica series for Grand Central Publishing.  Larissa also writes for Samhain and Red Sage, as well as for Bantam Dell with partner Stephanie Tyler, under the pen name Sydney Croft.


Someone is killing demons–someone other than the Aegis demon slayers, anyway. Now Eidolon, a doctor at Underworld General as well as a demon whose instincts to mate are growing stronger, must pair up with a sexy Aegis Guardian named Tayla Mancuso to learn the truth behind the killings. But Tayla has her own agenda. Her assignment is to find a way to destroy Underworld General. When she falls for Eidolon, who has shown her erotic pleasures she’d never dreamed of, she must face the horrors of her past and choose between becoming one of the very creatures she’s hunted–or death.