From The Depths of Despair: Love: How Ted Forsook White Supremacy To Marry His Princess

From The Depths of Despair: Love: How Ted Forsook White Supremacy To Marry His Princess


CA Joseph
 My name is CA Joseph. I have written my books to provide  inspiration because of my own very interesting background. My background includes family who were heavily involved in promotion of racial ideologies, triumph over a traumatic childhood and my own struggle to survive.



 Set in Southern Mississippi, an area rich in Civil Rights  history, this fictional book details the transformation of a violent, future charismatic White Supremacist leader from the early 1980’s onward. Portraying the scandal in a ‘post Civil Rights’, modern setting, it chronicles the life of Ted, characterized by Klan rallies and a racist outlook. His quasi-religious outlook was encouraged by the alcoholic members of his family-his mother Jen, his uncle Rick, a drunken reverend of a Southern White Supremacist Church, and his father and grandfather, who were senior members within the Ku Klux Klan.
    Ted grows up in Flowood, Mississippi, where he is taught the precepts of hatred from early childhood. As he excels academically, though, he is encouraged by his father to pursue a college education, which would ultimately put him in line to lead the vicious paramilitary sect, the Aryan Resistance Association(ARA). He does his family proud, heading to college, where he excels and creates an independent college hate-group, the Southern Universal Confederate Knights (SUCK), which quickly becomes a full-fledged arm of the ARA. He becomes the treasure of his deeply prejudiced family who are dedicated to a twisted religious cause, the ‘Great Day of War’ against minorities. While still in college, however, he comes home during one of his breaks and attends a feral-hog hunting expedition with his relatives. This trip would turn out far different to previous ones.

    While sitting by a stream, drunk on backwoods Mississippi moonshine, looking through the scope of his hunting gun, Ted sees a sight that would ultimately test everything his family ever taught him. A young, beautiful African American woman enters the water. Ted’s eyes are immediately fixated on Nicky’s every move, and he contemplates shooting her at first. Then suddenly, something inexplicable overcomes the young Klansman!
    He is immediately confronted with a turbulent internal battle; a battle that would make him realize there is no force in the world more powerful than the simple four-letter word, LOVE. He sets out on a quest to find the object of his obsession. With the help of Nicky, who is initially oblivious to his shameful past, he undergoes a dramatic transformation. But not before reaching the depths of despair!