Second Death

ABOUT Donna K Fitch

Donna K Fitch
Donna K. Fitch is a professional illuminator of alternate realities, a writer of the fantastic for the amusement of herself and others since junior high. During her late career as an academic librarian, she published several scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals, and edited her late More...


What's a nice guy like Mark doing with a life like this? The pressures of his library job are driving him crazy. His father's attempted suicide multiple times--and now he claims it's because of some curse on their family. His sister backs it up with accounts of disturbing deaths of past relatives. His wife's nagging him to see a psychiatrist--or worse, her psychic counselor ex-boyfriend--about the (admittedly) alarming blackouts he's been having. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the accompanying vision of desperately charging through a Southern forest pursued by Yankee bushwhackers. Curses and visions aren't real. And they certainly don't happen to a nice, normal guy like Mark. Do they?


Sylvia Dee wholeheartedly believes in the curse.  With the assistance of her seductively beautiful ward Victoria and her psychically vicious henchman, she monitors and manipulates its effects.  By the end of the month Mark will be joined with Victoria in a terrifying ritual, culminating Sylvia’s century-long quest for the power of Isis and Osiris.

The power over life and death.

I conceived of the idea for this book during physical therapy after a fall at work. I had to lie for 20 minutes at a time with electrical stimulation on my injured shoulder. Somehow the image popped in my mind of a Confederate soldier being pursued through the woods as he struggled to get back home to his sick wife. As a librarian, I had access to a wide variety of research sources. I took this kernel of an idea and spun it into this tale of a man whose family is cursed, and the strange visions he experiences that lead him to the truth about his ancestors.