Rock & Roll Rip-Off

Mystery & Thrillers

By RJ McDonnell

Publisher : Killeena Publishing

ABOUT RJ McDonnell

RJ McDonnell
I am the author of the Rock & Roll Mystery Series. My first novel, Rock & Roll Homicide, has been two Kindle Top 100 lists from June 2014 through October 2014.  My second novel, Rock & Roll Rip-Off won the Premier Book Awards 2010 Mystery/Thriller of the Year. The third book i More...


Jason Duffy thought he had accepted a routine burglary case when a career studio musician hired him to recover a memorabilia collection featuring unusual treasures from some of the top performers in the music industry. But Jason quickly finds himself at the top of a hit list that has nothing to do with The Top 40 and everything to do with a table for one at the San Diego Coroner’s Office.

While the facts of the case point to an emo band that the victim was helping at the time of the theft, the lethal force that Jason encounters in his investigation feels more like death metal. He finds himself imperiled by a hitman known as The Heartbreaker, due to his signature of shooting his victims through the heart at close range. With danger also threatening his staff and girlfriend, Jason must continue to mend fences with his retired police detective father, in spite of a recent riff that caused a major setback to their relationship.

Everyone thought The Tactile Tattoo was a “can’t miss” band. The pre-release buzz for their first CD was tremendous. But a bad review from a key industry critic, who didn’t care for their lyrics, left the album stillborn at record stores across the country.

The group soon learned that second chances in the current state of the music business are practically nonexistent. One band member discovered that money talks in an industry strapped for cash, and a bribe was entirely possible. However, funding that bribe meant getting involved with all of the wrong people.

In the midst of this action whodunit, the reader is treated to an insider’s view of the music industry that captures the new obstacles that today’s bands must overcome in order to succeed. Some musicians handle the pressures, opportunities, and disappointments more effectively than others.  Some still succumb to the mesmerizing allure of sex and drugs and rock & roll.

Rock & Roll Rip-Off is the second novel in RJ McDonnell’s Rock & Roll Mystery Series. Like the critically acclaimed Rock & Roll Homicide, McDonnell once again mixes humor, music, and a cast of unique characters to unfold a memorable mystery that shows Jason and a loved one “knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door.”

Rock & Roll Rip-Off is the second novel in the Rock & Roll Mystery Series, featuring private investigator Jason Duffy. It was selected Premier Book Awards 2010 Mystery/Thriller of the Year.

King's River Life Magazine


"Not only is the reader treated to an inside view of how crimes are solved, but they get to see an insider’s view of the music industry, and the problems bands run into. Full of twists and turns, McDonnell shows what a real murder mystery is." - Marilyn Meredith

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KAZI Radio Book Review


RJ McDonnell combines a well-plotted mystery with a music-industry backdrop to create a book that should appeal to mystery fans and music fans alike. ... He also provides laughs along the way, and it is a hard-hearted reader indeed that doesn't enjoy the final chapter. - reviewed by Tim Chamberlain

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Premier Book Awards - 2010 Mystery/Thriller Novel of the Year 


Congratulations for your novel, Rock & Roll Rip-Off, being selected by the 2010 Premier Book Awards as the Best Book of the Year in the Mystery/Thriller category!

The competition was fierce and it was a difficult decision choosing from so many deserving books entered into this year's contest. However, the judges were unanimous in their selection of Rock & Roll Rip-Off as the winner.

You should be justifiably proud to have written such a wonderful, award winning novel. We are proud to send you the enclosed certificate in recognition of your achievement.

All of us at Premier Book Awards sincerely hope your commercial success equals your literary achievement.

To Your Future Success,

James R. Olson
Premier Book Awards

Critical Mick


"Critical Mick says: Don't stop believin'! RJ McDonnell's Irish-American PI Jason Duffy leads a series that is hard rockin' good fun. Add Rock & Roll Rip-Off to your stacks! No suitcase full of money is required for this one to become a hit."

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The Midwest Book Review


"Rock & Roll Rip-Off is a fascinating adventure on the darker side of the music industry and the criminal underworld that lies within it."

Darcia Helle - Thriller Author


"Nonstop, edge-of-your-seat action! Rock & Roll Rip-Off is the second book in McDonnell's Rock & Roll Mystery Series. Jason Duffy is a P.I.-ex-musician, with a psyche degree and experience as a mental health counselor. His employees are past patients. His clients are from the world of rock & roll. The characters draw you into their world and the plot keeps you turning pages.

McDonnell's writing is full of suspense, mystery, and humor. A unique and fun series that had me hooked from the start!"

Mysterious Reviews


"The plot is well considered and developed, and Jason Duffy an appealing PI. A musician himself, the author clearly knows the world in which he sets his mysteries, providing an insider look at not only what the public sees on stage, but also what it takes behind-the-scenes to get it there. Finally, the rocky relationship Duffy has with his father, introduced in the first book of the series, takes a step forward here ... a nice touch."