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By Emily Hill

Publisher : A.V. Harrison Publishing

ABOUT Emily Hill

Emily Hill
Emily Hill, author of GHOST Stories and owner of A.V. Harrison Publishing, is an IndiePub Coach who teaches privately, as well as at leading literary conferences, such as Edmonds Community College BizArt, and City of Edmonds WOTS Conference.  She is the author of the self-publishing serie More...



This guide to self-publishing, and its accompanying articles, are flying off the Amazon bookshelf! The smartest thing I've done is to UPDATE it! ~ Emily Hill

The only Self-Publishing guide that is updated Quarterly, written by an IndiePub Coach!

We’re in the second half of 2011, and the new buzz words in publishing are ‘IndieAuthor, ‘IndiePub’, ‘ePub, and ‘self-publishing’; 'perpetual rights' and 'electronic royalties'.

You're hearing about authors such as Barry Eisler, JA Konrath, and Amanda Hocking. You want to know if self-publishing is right for you, isn't that correct?

If you follow my blog (www.AVHarrison-Publishing) you have read that, in this economy, the odds of an emerging author being selected for literary agency representation are on average 5:500 and at worst 3:36,000. Yes, I am trying to tell you that it is not unusual for an agency to select only three writers out of 36,000 query letters.

If your goal is to be published, and make money at publishing, you had better stop looking toward someone else to make this happen for you - and make it happen for yourself! I, and thousands of other writers are doing just that!

I am an experienced IndieAuthor, workshop facilitiator, and champion of self-publishing. I have taught at Puget Sound area community colleges on the topic of self-publishing and self-promotion, as well as to many writers workshops and conferences. I run a very busy self-publishing coaching business, and I can help you get published. I am not a proponent of vanity publishers, contract publishers or the 'big six'. If you wonder why, please read my blog at www.AVHarrison-Publishing.

By the time you have finished my guide to independent publishing you will be able to:

Publish to Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and Createspace;

Correctly set up your manuscripts for ePub and print-on-demand publishing;

Set-up a budget to track expenses realistically!

Set a Marketing Plan into place that Sells Books!

Save hundreds of dollars by making the right decisions!

Learn in Quick and Easy steps, no technical jargon - no salty language!

I will show you how to find experts and mentors in the world of IndiePub!

Topics in this guide include: Formatting, ISBNs explained, Upload tricks, Marketing yourself, Marketing your book, News Releases, Book Signings, Where to advertise, How to Save Money, How to Get Started – and Stay Connected!

This live-link 2011 guide will guide you through every single step necessary to write, format, publish, and market your writing.

Ready to Start? By using this guide you can be published as soon as one week from today!

This guide was motivated by my frustration after hours, and sometimes days, of learning the ropes of self-publishing last year. I decided to save other writers who may have realized that the 'query process' was either (a) demeaning; or (b) broken that frustration by laying out the step-by-step processes, and tools discoveries that I had picked up in my own quest to become an IndiePub Author.