Life After College: What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You


By ChaChanna Simpson

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ChaChanna Simpson
ChaChanna Simpson is an editor, professional speaker, syndicated columnist with The Connecticut Post online ( and author of her first book Life After College: What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You. She has been featured in The Stamford Advocate, More...


You’ve been in college for four years and finally it’s time for you to go out on your own into the real world. Now that you've graduated from college or are about to graduate, you are no doubt wondering:

"I've graduated from college, now what do I do?"

"How do I adjust to moving back home with my family?"

"Why is it taking so long for me to find a job?"

"How do I focus on what I want to do rather than what my parents want
me to do?"

"How do I manage my finances?"

"What's a 401k?"

"How do I get an apartment?"

And those questions are just the beginning. Life After College: What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You
answers these questions and provides solutions you can immediately use to help make your transition from college life into the real world easier. This informative no nonsense guide covers diverse topics from moving back home to money management to job etiquette to searching for your first apartment. Also included are stories and tips from recent college grads sharing their wisdom and experiences so you know you are not alone in trying to make it in the real world.

A solid gift for anyone who has graduation in their near future

You get a degree, are in serious debt from student loans and you're out in the real world. Now what? "Life After College: What Your Parents and Professors Never Taught You" is a guide to breaking out and getting started and putting one's hard-earned degree to use in establishing oneself as a independent, self-sufficient member of society. A solid financial and personal guide, "Life After College" is a solid gift for anyone who has graduation in their near future.


Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI




“I wish Life After College had been written when I was starting out. ChaChanna Simpson has written an essential guide to “real life,” full of the kind of advice you wish your BFF could give you. I’m ordering copies for every 20-something person I know.”


Elizabeth Hilts, author of Every Freaking Day! with Rachell Ray and Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bitch



“Yes! Life after college is a culture shock! All of a sudden we are expected to have arrived so to speak, knowing all there is to know to move forward in our lives.

This book provides the coaching necessary to begin to survive in a world that is not academic and where real people need to apply to thrive.

An asset to any grad.”


Cate Cavanagh, author of Her Godmother



“Life After College: What Your Parents Never Taught Youby ChaChanna Simpson is a wealth of information for twentysomethings on how to go from college life to the real world.  In less than 150 pages Simpson manages to provide advice on moving back in with your parents, finding your first apartment, getting that first job, opening up a bank account, and so much more.  This book even covers how to set up a budget and how to protect yourself from identity theft.  There are also chapters on physical and emotional well being, how to provide for retirement, information about insurance, and how to set up a will. And all this is information is provided to the reader in a language that will be appreciated and easily understood.”


Review by Cheryl Malandrinos of



“ChaChanna Simpson has the integrity and motivation to inspire millions of young people coming right out of college, I have been impressed with her vigor, tenacity, dedication, and commitment to helping young people gain focus and knowledge for the next step in their lives..."true adulthood". Her methods are proven and tried, and her depth of knowledge can only come from one who has seen, lived, and survived it. I strongly recommend her guidance and counsel to any young person who is wondering what do next after college.”


Daniella Raquel Jones,
Undergraduate Advisor, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Gamma Xi Zeta Chapter



“This book is a one-stop guide for all college graduates. It is uniquely created to give advice and advance preparation skills for life after college. I highly recommend it as a MUST READ before one graduates. It also makes a great gift for parents and family members to give as a gift to college graduates, but more importantly for them to read it themselves! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the real life experiences. This book is very informative and covers many bases. You have to read it!”


Larissa Parks,

Maryland, Amazon reader review



“This book is a "must-read!" It is a practical "how to guide" on all the things you need to know but never knew when you graduated college. It was an easy read guide on the steps to take to set your "adult" life on track. Many things in the book can be implemented prior to graduation. It is a wonderful gift for juniors and seniors in college but anyone who is employed should read this book! You are never too young! I have given this gift to my teenage male cousins and they have found it most helpful and informative!”


Nadia C. Matthie,

Bronx, NY, Amazon reader review




After reading Life After College, I feel much better about my situation. I especially related to the comments from other twentysomethings because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that my problems are not exclusive to only me, but are common issues among my peers.


Richard G. Nash, 24, Connecticut