More Than Meets the Eye about Death, Dying and Afterlife

Family & Relationships, Health, Mind & Body, Reference

By Yvonne Perry

Publisher : Write On!; 2nd edition (June 9, 2005)

ABOUT Yvonne Perry

Yvonne Perry
Yvonne Perry is an award-winning best-selling author show host, and coach for empathic people who are learning to manage energy.


This book provides the comfort and answers you are looking for to help you process the stages of death and the natural dying process. Topics include insight on hospice and palliative care, signs to look for when death is near, euthanasia and end of life decisions, how to deal with the imminent death of a loved one and what to do to help someone peacefully transition to the afterlife. There's even a surprisingly fresh and unexpected look at suicide and the phenomena known as soul exchange or walk-ins.

Who hasn't wondered about what's on the other side of this life? Even with explanations offered by faith and religion, most of us continue to harbor doubts and fears for ourselves and those we love. In this gentle book, author Yvonne Perry offers comfort and insight about what happens when we die and what waits on the other side.

Though well documented and researched, Yvonne's work is not a detached, scholarly report. She writes with passion and love, sharing her personal stories of near death experience and those of countless others. Through the intimate stories of those who have crossed over and returned, as well as stories from people who have had contact with those who have died, we are given an understanding of "...eternal souls with ongoing missions; that time exists only on earth; and that everything is happening simultaneously." Commenting on her personal journey, Yvonne adds, "It dawned on me that being in human form is only one way we progress spiritually on our path back to our Creator." She shares her own journey to understanding and offers comforting reassurance that our loved ones can and often do communicate with us. She says:

"Our loved ones who have crossed over communicate with us in a variety of ways. They may bring a familiar smell, or leave coins, feathers or other objects in our path. They may appear as a bird, an animal or take human form. They may come to us in our dreams, or may be the voice we hear in our head. No matter how you sense their presence you can be assured that YOU'RE NOT CRAZY! They really are near and they want to communicate."

Yvonne Perry is especially sensitive to those whose religious beliefs do not adequately answer all their questions, or whose experiences don't match what they've been taught. No matter what your current beliefs, everyone can benefit from this wonderful book of insight, comfort, and loving reassurance.Yvonne Perry's own words say it best:

"The point of this book is not to persuade you that one way is correct or incorrect, or to create a new doctrine, but rather to offer information and insight that may asist you in creating your own beliefs about this mysterious process of transitioning back to God/Source. Many people refuse to consider any explanation that doesn't match the viewpoints they already own. If you are convinced ahead of time (like I was years ago) that something is or isn't true, you will be tempted to find data that substantiates your belief. Therefore, I encourage you to keep an open mind and consider the ideas presented in this book as if you were in your car, curiously trying out a new road to see where it might lead. You may find that it brings you to a new or better understanding of death and afterlife. You may discover a road less traveled, and realize it was running parallel to your familiar route all along. Perhaps you, too, will see more than meets the eye."

Perry closes her book with these comforting words:

"Do not be afraid! If death is upon you, rebirth is on the way. There's always a springtime to follow. We are just passing through this veil. There's always more than meets the eye!"

Readers looking to select a book about death, dying, and the afterlife come in two broad categories--those who have already found answers and are looking for books that reaffirm and don't challenge their beliefs, and those who may have found answers, but are still open to hearing about others' experiences. Readers of the second type--the seekers--will find much of interest in Yvonne Perry's collection of firsthand accounts, More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying and Afterlife.

Perry's point of view is by no means dispassionate and objective. She writes movingly about her own near death experiences and the spiritual journey that compelled her to study these subjects. No one religious ideology overlays the book. Rather, she shares views and experiences of many people, well-documented in her bibliography.

In "Souls and Ceremonies" (Chapter 4), Perry takes a fascinating look at the rituals of death from a historical perspective--from early Egyptian practices to modern embalming in the U.S. after the Civil War.

Particularly interesting and comforting were the true stories of near-
death experiences, out-of-body experiences, and spiritual visitation.

Perry's honest, straight-forward style is not bogged down by a lot of jargon or diversions that wander from the subject at hand. Seekers will appreciate this book and be glad for the time they've invested in hearing others' experiences with the Greatest Mystery on Earth.

I came upon this book at a time when I was looking for spiritual answers about Life/ Death and why we are here. The book spoke directly to some of the issues I was struggling with as well as areas of related interest. It is written in a manner that is easy to read without being condescending.

I appreciated the stories but even more the information about burial options, living wills and the commentary about how we handle death and the dead in our culture. I found the near death experiences and stories about contacting loved ones on the other side particularly comforting because they come from the experiences of average people, not folks preaching an ideology or trying to make a buck. I was also surprised to find my own experiences and developing beliefs validated by many of them.

My thanks to the author, this is one I'll hang on to.