Tenth Letter [Special Edition Writer's Cut]

Romance, General Fiction

By Kayona Brown

Publisher : Brown'stone LC

ABOUT Kayona Brown

Kayona Brown
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You probably know a woman who’s in or around her 30s, very intelligent, independent, professional, and chances are she’s single, too, but even that’s probably by choice. What you don’t know—because there’s a chance she doesn’t know either—is why this woman seems to have problems with commitment, monogamy… love. Well, this is her story:

Meet J, a smart, independent, beautiful journalist, and here she is—waking up with a guy she just met last night, one of the many perks of being single. This time is different though. This guy is different, and something keeps her from ignoring this and running in the other direction. As a platonic friendship between them blossoms, J has a decision to make about who she wants to be—to him and to herself. To do this, she must explore the three decades that have made up her life; what she uncovers will challenge everything she knows and change her belief about everything she wants.

Tenth Letter is a phenomenal debut novel that will start many of your conversations about men, women, relationships, and the power of starting over