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Martin Stanley
Martin Stanley was born in Middlesbrough in 1972. He was educated in Teesside and later in Bristol, where he studied graphic design.He began reading at an early age. Although it was horror and science fiction that kindled his love of reading, it was crime fiction that really grabbed hi More...


Kandinsky's life is at rock-bottom. He's a gambler in debt to a vicious loan-shark and he's going nowhere fast. Then, by chance, he overhears a conversation and realises he has a way out of his mess. He decides to hijack a robbery of seven hundred and fifty grand's worth of drug money.

He thinks it's going to be easy - a sure thing.

But when your partners are even bigger losers than you are, and the owner of the money is a sadistic drug-dealer who's prepared to kill everybody in his way, nothing's ever easy. And when the people you've stolen from want a piece of you too, the only thing that's sure is there's going to be blood. And lots of it.

The Gamblers is a dark, fast-moving and violent odyssey through the Bristol underworld - the kind of place where every smile hides a betrayal and the hand of friendship usually carries a gun. The Gamblers is a vicious British noir in the tradition of Derek Raymond and Ted Lewis.

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