Coffin Births, a novel

Coffin Births, a novel

ABOUT Toni Clarence-Rosamund

Toni Clarence-Rosamund
I'm a native New Jerseyan.  I presently live in Manhattan.  "Coffin Births" is my debut novel.



In less than 15 minutes,after Jack Macon drops by his brother-in-law's motel for a cup of coffee and before making his way to work at L.A.'s 6th Precinct downtown, the sole guest who'd registered just the previous night, will be discovered dead in Room 12 in author Toni Clarence-Rosamund’s debut novel, Coffin Births.

Disturbing items, known to investigators as a rape kit, are found in the trunk of the motel guest's vehicle; all the evidence for preparations to a scheduled assault.  They come across a plane ticket—Who was the mystery motel guest going to meet…or, find?  Two wallets, containing different aliases, are also discovered.  They will lead detectives to the DOA's wives—the one who's here in Los Angeles...and the other, living on the East Coast.

With help from teams based in New York and Philadelphia, Macon and his partner, Mike Rodriguez, head the investigation.  Each clue closes in on details of a fraudulent, damaged life that has wreaked havoc across the country for well over two decades.  So many crimes occurred, mind-numbing, horrific acts; but there are heinous deeds only the two who married him would come to know.... 

Two wives of the same man; neither were supposed to ever find out about the other.  Until now, the truth was unknown how their husband, this beguiling figure—complicated, but charming; enigmatic, no less, and boyish—had come into their lives and captivated them.  Both women remain altered and irreparablybroken from the assaults suffered in the past.  They'd looked toward their husband for refuge...but, didn't know—until after his death—he was the one.