Open Soul: Confessions


By ONika Barnette

Publisher : PublishAmerica

Open Soul:  Confessions

ABOUT ONika Barnette

ONika Barnette
Hi, I am Princess O'Nika Auguste but my pen name is O'Nika Barnette.  I  was born in  the beautiful island of St.Lucia in the Caribbean. I have been writing since i could remember. I write poetry, non  fiction, historical fiction, romance, fantasy  and inspirational stories.  I atten More...



Open Soul: Confessions is a compilation of poetry  that O'Nika has written over  the years. These poems would take us through every emotion  that she has felt; love,  sadness, graditudie , low self esteem and self assurance among other feelings. Open Soul is truly a confessional   work and if  you want to feel that raw human emotion this is the book to read.

I was going through depression when two friends of mine told me maybe i should comply all my poems that i have written and write a book.This now Open Soul started.First it was going to be all my depressing poetry but i decided i should add more poetry about my other feelings. I am so glad i listen to my friends. This was the best therapy ever!

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