The Hole

General Fiction, Christian Books

By Ray Owen

Publisher : Better Karma Publisher

ABOUT Ray Owen

Ray Owen
Ray Owen is a writer and woodworker, born in Louisville, Kentucky. He currently lives in Pekin, Indiana, where he continues to create with words and wood.



We've all heard stories of people touched by angels. What if the tables were reversed? The Hole is a dingy little stepchild factory of a large corporation where scrap materials, broken down machinery, and misfit employees are sent. Engineer Steve Clark finds himself among those misfits after barely recovering from a brain injury. Follow along as he utilizes a newly acquired supernatural gift, while his sanity, his career, and the love of his life, Roxy, are on the line. Holes aren't always what they seem. Sometimes they are the threshold of a whole new life.

My first attempt at this book was a story about Angels. I started it, hated it and discarded it. Then I started another book that was intended to be a mainstream paranormal story. Before I finished it I realized the two stories blended together perfectly to produce The Hole.