1,000 More Song Ideas

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By Rick Wicker

Publisher : Rick Wicker

ABOUT Rick Wicker

Rick Wicker
Rick has been a singer-songwriter for over 40 years. During that time he has released 7 albums and has written hundreds of songs. In the quest to write better songs Rick worked in the music business in Nashville for nearly 20 years. Through daily exposure and interaction with great  More...



This book consists of 1,000 new song titles and phrases that can be used by songwriters and lyricists as a starting point when looking for creative inspiration and new subject material. 

This book is the followup companion for "3,000 Song Ideas Titles, Phrases and Hooklines" by Rick Wicker. The song ideas in this collection can be very useful to songwriters and lyricist when staring a new song. Rick has been a singer-songwriter for more than 40 years he lived in Nashville TN for nearly 20 years where he worked in the music business as a songwriter, musician and audio engineer.