Voice Mail Murder

Voice Mail Murder

ABOUT Patricia Rockwell

Patricia Rockwell
I'm a recently retired University Communication professor.  My husband and I moved to Illinois from Louisiana where I promptly began blogging and writing mysteries--something I had wanted to do but never had the time to do.  My two grown children are on their own, so Hubby and I are empty-nesters.



Sex!  Knives!  Voice Mail Messages!

Who stabbed the philandering football coach in the back?  Was it one of the three women who left romantic voice mail messages on the cell phone found next to his body in the motel room?

The police don’t have a clue.  None of the coach’s family, friends, or colleagues recognize the voices of the unidentified women--and probable mistresses.  Who could they be?  This sounds like a case for Pamela Barnes, local Psychology professor, acoustics expert, and sometimes amateur sleuth.  Can she identify the three women (and potential murder suspects) from just the sound of their voices on the voice mail?

Who are these mystery women and how did the popular coach manage to conduct affairs with all of them unbeknownst to everyone around him?  And how did he keep his trio of lovers from finding out about each other—or did he?  It’s a tangled romantic web that ultimately led to murder and Pamela Barnes is determined to figure it out.