Depth of Focus: A Novel

General Fiction, Poetry, Romance

By Kenya D. Williamson

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Kenya D. Williamson

Kenya D. Williamson
I'm a verse novel and short fiction author, screenwriter (for TV, film and the web), poet, actress and occasional blogger from Levittown, Pennsylvania. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, I've acted in dozens of TV shows, films and commercials, but returned to my writing roots for More...


Danni wants a life — her own. She’s paid her dues. She moves to New York to study photography. But, there’s a small problem. Several people think she hasn’t paid her dues. And they’re ready to collect what they imagine she owes them. Whether it’s love, respect, sex, an apology, money, commitment, forgiveness or something else entirely, Danni feels like she’s being pulled in a million directions that all wind up at the same dead end.

A meddling roommate, nosy neighbor, former lover, current lover, mostly-absent father, jealous sibling, insecure best friend, demanding boss and suicidal mother vie for attention while Danni tries to balance her lousy waitressing job, approaching (see: dreaded) birthday party and shrinking college fund. She’d gladly run and hide. But, they all know where she lives. And she can’t afford to move. Besides, if she continues keeping everyone at arm's length, she’ll lose a lot more than a promising career.

This verse novel — that can be read in stanzas or what looks like ordinary prose — tells the story of a young woman’s quest for independence and career success. Complicated by relationships that pull her in different directions, that path leads Danni to an awakening she never expected — and isn’t quite sure she wants. Plans can change. But, Danni wonders... can people?

Relationships are hard. Honesty doesn't always come easily. And neither does forgiveness. But, whether it's friendship, family or romance, everyone wants in on the game. Some just play harder than others. "Depth of Focus: A Novel" can be read in what would appear to be normal prose or as poetry in "Depth of Focus: The Stanzas."

I wasn't sure what to expect from this debut novel from Kenya D. Williamson. It's a very rich and deeply personal character study about a young girl fighting to maintain peace of mind against increasingly impossible odds. While the character has been abandoned seemingly by all around her, including her family and friends, I got involved with her earnest quest to forge a decent future for herself and the story resonates even further because of the difficult times we live in. This is a deeply personal work and often I forgot I was reading a book because the people and words were so vivid, it felt more like experiencing someone's actual life. I have no idea how autobiographical the piece is, but talent and integrity is evident within every paragraph. This is a wonderful book. It portends for a great future for the author. I can also see it becoming a successful motion picture. -- Mr. Lucky

Beware: once I had started this book, I couldn't let go of it (and this doesn't happen very often with me). I wanted to read a little bit during my lunch break and ended up reading all afternoon (which means that I will have to catch up on my work tonight). Kenya Williamson has this amazing capacity to make the reader believe he or she is actually witnessing what's happening. As if you could breathe with the characters and feel their vulnerability. I think that the best word to describe her style is limpidity. She has a limpid style.

And the story sounds true, plausible, even autobiographic- I don't know whether it's the case. Danni didn't have the best start in life. Her dad left and her mum is very sick. Depth of Focus tells the story of her quest for independence, and how her love of photography might be her redemption (hence the title, Depth of focus).

I actually liked it so much that I am going to buy a few books to give to my friends as a present.  -- MuMuGB

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect after purchasing Depth of Focus and was pleasantly surprised to find that Ms. Williamson has crafted an engaging debut novel with insightful characters who pop off of the page. The compelling plot is deftly told with humor, skill and talent. Most importantly, Williamson's book has a lot to say about love, relationships and how we live our lives. I read the entire novel on an airplane and couldn't put it down. A strong recommended read. Depth of Focus has immense depth!  - SPep