Egypt: The Uprising (The Battle for Maat, Book 1)

ABOUT Amira Aly

Amira Aly
A super girl with many talents...witty, passionate, hapless idealist, and an incorrigible perfectionist. Oh, also a full-time writer and part-time doctor.


When Aya, a sixteen-year-old Egyptian girl, communicates with Ma'at, ancient Egyptian goddess of justice and truth, she opens the doors to an alternate reality where history and current events are not at all what they seem and ancient myths turn out to be more than just enigmatic legends.

Ma'at is not the only Neteru around. The Neteru, an ancient pre-human race believed to be deities by their contemporaries,  are an eclectic bunch.  Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain silly. 

But now, some are roaming our world under the guise of --well, only Aya can tell you that.
Join Aya and her band of unlikely allies on a quest that will take you through the Ka river beaming with life energy, under the tunnels of the Sphinx and through ancient Egyptian sacred sites.

Praise for Egypt: The Uprising

"Egypt: The Uprising is about courage, dedication to family, and a deep love for culture and the nature ofthe universe... This book has genuine heart and is about real human values.
I'll stick with this series any time."
--Matthew Posner, MFA, Author of 'School of the Ages

"[A] fast-paced adventure with brains. It reads a bit like a mix of The History Channel, The DiscoveryChannel, sci-fi, Madeleine L'Engle's 'A Wrinkle In Time' series, and Lemony
Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' series."
--Former Bookworm, Amazon review. 

"The roles each character played in this real-life story was amazing. I could feel myself
being swept away to the heart of Egypt... Highly recommended and a wonderful writing talent."
-- Readers Favorite, a 5-star review.

"Very few people could have pulled this off and created a story with such layering, a story that reads likea credible Hollywood screenplay in the mold of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the
scholarly underpinning of a National Geographic documentary."
--Phil J, Amazon Review.

"[L]iterally transports you into ancient Egypt and to present day historic sites which range from the Sphinx toLuxor in modern day Egypt... an informative and thrilling epic."

"A great book for those who enjoy stories about Egypt, quests, or mother-daughter relationships."
--Words by Webb.

"Aly is skilled at weaving Egyptian mythology into the modern world without clunking the reader."
--Make Pretty Words Hard.