Lost and Found: Book One in the Emi Lost & Found series

General Fiction, Romance

By Lori L. Otto

Publisher : Lori L. Otto

ABOUT Lori L. Otto

Lori L. Otto
In the spring of 1991, Lori Otto destroyed her first novel at the encouragement of her high school sweetheart.  In the nineteen years that have passed since then, she graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, designed billboards, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, m More...


When artist Nate Wilson falls in love, he falls hard. The problem is, he’s only been in love once, and the girl of his affections is his best friend, Emi Hennigan. In high school, the two bonded over painful breakups, and swore off a relationship to save their friendship. Thirteen years later, Nate has had more than his share of emotionally-unfulfilling, sexual relationships with beautiful women to distract himself from his true romantic feelings. 

When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity takes Nate away from his friend and his comfortable lifestyle, he is forced to reflect on the distinct void that Emi’s absence leaves in his life. To Nate’s surprise, Emi has a similar experience; but as the friends embark upon their journey toward happiness together, destiny reveals other plans for Emi.

The first of three books in the Emi Lost & Found series

**Warning: This series contains thoughtful but descriptive sex scenes and language that may be offensive to some. This content is not gratuitous, as all conversations and situations reflect the personality of each character.

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