Silent Killer

ABOUT Sean E Thomas

Sean E Thomas
Family man.  BA Chemisty from AMU, Anchorage 1970, Retired from Federal Service as a management/program analyst. Volunteer.  Member USCG Auxiliary, FONSS, APC, NFPW, SinC, PNWA. Wrote ten mystery novels--out through June 2013.


Tlingit Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable investigates a serial killer who uses stealth and carbon monoxide to kill alumni from the ChugachHigh School class of 2000 and their families.  So far, all the deaths have been ruled accidental.  It appears the killer is exacting revenge for bullying and abuse in high school.  The killer leaves minimal evidence, only a tiny smiley face with the number 2000.  Since Sable’s wife is a 2000 graduate, she may be next on the killer’s list.  Sable and his team must catch the killer before he strikes again.