The Story in the Stars

ABOUT Yvonne Anderson

Yvonne Anderson
I am a former legal secretary, wife of 35+ years. Mother of four grown children, grandma of three. I work part time as a Virtual Assistant but spend most of my time on the planet Gannah, researching my books.


The planet Gannah sends out a distress call; they're in the throes of a resurgence of the Karkar plague. Dr. Pik, a descendant of the people who engineered the disease centuries before, is assigned to the task of finding a cure and saving them from annihilation. Because of their violent history, he hates the Gannahans and wishes they were all dead; but his duty to the League of Planets and his professional ambition make him swallow his racial resentment and comply with his orders.

By the time he arrives with the rescue team, almost everyone is already dead. The only survivor is a young woman, Dassa. Like her forefathers for the past eight centuries, she’s a Christ-follower, but on their planet He’s called the Yasha, which means Redeemer.

The Yasha tells her that she will not only recover from the plague, but He will use her to repopulate the planet with a new race of Gannahans. But she has no idea how He’s going to pull it off, especially with that annoying Karkar doctor always hanging around.

Once she regains her health, she and Pik have numerous adventures together, including an attack by space pirates, a crash landing, and a treasure hunt. In the midst of all that excitement, Dassa shares with Pik the Gospel story, which the Yasha has been proclaiming in the stars since the creation. But Pik won't listen to anything Dassa has to say. Will they ever settle their differences enough to enjoy Gannah as much as the reader does?