Consumption: A Novel

Romance, Humor, General Fiction

By GS Johnston

Publisher : Amazon Digital Services

ABOUT GS Johnston

GS Johnston
G. S. Johnston lives in Sydney with two cats, home-loving Reba and the wayward Rose, and Miss Mia, a black and white cuddle dog.  The days rush by.     



In the dying days of British Hong Kong, Sara Sexton, upon breaking up with a Greek lover, visits her old friend Martin Blake, a high-profile, high-dollar interior designer. This suspenseful story shows the effects of a lifetime friendship going toxic as modern life pulls the once quasi-siblings in opposite directions. As Sara embarks on a simpler life, Martin becomes increasingly complex and erratic. Eventually Sara is forced to a terrible choice in the name of self-preservation.

In its witty dissection of middle class ideals and aspirations, G. S. Johnston's CONSUMPTION is a heart-rending, provoking novel about the nature of long term friendships. With beautiful prose, arresting characters, and intriguing setting, GS Johnston evokes the cities of Hong Kong and Sydney and immerses the reader in a world that is as beautiful as it is painful.

Wow. What a surprise! I just bought this because I liked the cover - I mean, how wrong can you go for 3 bucks? Such a great story and so well told. Intense. Martin Blake is like Hannibal Lecter in pink angora. And the writing is so beautiful. I felt like I arrived in Hong Kong in 1995 and then moved through all the ages of the book. I can't recommend this more highly.