Brass Hearts- A Steampunk Fairytale

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Aurora Lightbourne

Publisher :

ABOUT Aurora Lightbourne

Aurora Lightbourne
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author. Her books are light and littered with humor, pick some up today.



All Dulcy Spry wants in life is to inherit her father's small family business,and help run it while she waits. But after a fateful encounter with the snobbish Mr Pridget on the roadside Dulcy's best friend, Alise, and younger sister, Rosa, drag the reluctant Miss Spry into high society, where lies, manipulations and family secrets threaten to ruin her peaceful life and cast her into the dismal prison of an unwanted marriage.

An old fashioned romance set in a steam powered world.

A cinderella-esque story.