Masks: A Novella

Young Adult

By Patricia Caviglia

Publisher : Patricia Caviglia

Masks: A Novella

ABOUT Patricia Caviglia

Patricia Caviglia
Patricia Caviglia has been writing since her teens. She finally decided to make her dream of being a published author a reality. She is currently working on an offshoot of Masks: A Novella, featuring Diana as the main character. She is a graduate of McGill University. She lives in Mississa More...



Rebecca Jacobs has overprotective abusive parents, a violent boyfriend and a treacherous best friend. How does she manage? She uses lies and secrecy to get what she wants. When her father exposes her, she finds herself with nothing left to hide and learns to rebuild her life with honesty and integrity.

A movie about suicidal teens (Tout est parfait/Everything Is Fine) reminded so much of being a teenager that it inspired Rebecca and David, the main characters in Masks. Once the idea formed, the teenage characters were not hard to imagine. We’ve all been there. We were inexperienced, confused, dramatic and reckless. How many times did I say “If I don’t get [concert tickets/clothing/party/an A], I’m going to die!” It was such an emotionally turbulent time in life that it’s easy to recall and dramatize in a story. In other words, it was easy to take such an important life stage as adolescence and create a story about a teenager dealing with abusive parents.