Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Keith Phillips

Publisher : Keith B. Phillips

ABOUT Keith Phillips

Keith Phillips
Keith Phillips lives in Oregon with his wife Jacinda and four children. While growing up his report cards frequently bore the comment "Excessive day dreaming." He served in the United States Air Force and then studied computers and network technology. His interests are space trav More...


Martin is a private investigator who gets involved in a mystery of galactic proportions. His second chance at life came at a great cost; he died and lost his family. Now he's been resurrected by the power of nanocells and has been hijacked into a search for the missing body of Carmen's father. With the help of an artificial intelligence named Angel they set out to find who is stealing all the corpses from Earth.
Amazon Reviewer —
"More than anything, I loved the use of language and imagery. My wife was getting annoyed with me as I kept interrupting her with, "Oh, you've got to hear this part!" The metaphors are unique and, unlike too many authors, aren't repetitive. 

The characters seem to have depth and personality from the very beginning. Their dialog sounds natural and isn't stilted or boring. Martin, the hero, is the sure to become one of those characters that the readers won't let die (like Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt). His natural bravado and regretted past make him one of those characters you just fall in love with. His ever present partner, Angel, is rather unique herself and leaves you wondering, "what next?" 

The setting starts out on Earth in the 2200's with Electric Mustang's, Starbucks, and Interstellar Hyperspace Travel. Phillips takes some realistic views of a future with continued growth, advancement in medicine, and hiking gear every outdoorsman wishes they had. 

The plot is well refined, with no loose ends or obvious faults. It stays exciting from start to end and is well worth the read."