This Game Has No Loyalty

Family & Relationships, Romance, General Fiction

By June Miller

Publisher : FourShadough Publishing

ABOUT June Miller

June Miller
June is the published author of, This Game Has No Loyalty, an urban street fiction novel depicting real life on the streets and the love relationships within those parameters.   His love of writing was first discovered in public school where he dazzled teachers with his creative short s More...


Junior is on the come up running his drug operation out of Baptiste Projects until one of the most feared criminals in the hood gets wind. With things changing around him left and right it doesn't take long before he gets a taste of disloyalty. With things stacked against him Junior flees Baptiste to regroup turning over the reigns temporarily to a trusted soldier. During his time in hiding Junior plots revenge but needs the help of a girlfriend. He's asking her to be disloyal the one thing that caused his own troubles. Not wanting to give up the idea that love will prevail he sits and waits. It isn't long before another attempt to crumple his operation is made.
Come take this journey with Junior as he gets tested and has to rely on others. Will blood prove thicker than water for him? Will Junior have the arsenal to stop all takeover attempts or does he fall victim to the evils the game is offering?

In the hustle game, loyalty is something that shouldn't be taken for granted.
In the game of love, loyalty is something many take for granted.
In the game of life, loyalty is something that is earned.
Whatever game you are playing…in the end you will understand the saying, "This Game Has No Loyalty."

This story was written at a time in life when I suffered great losses from friends and loved ones to an environment I had a hand in destroying. I wrote it in vivid imagery to ensure the reader is pulled into the environment, smelling the gunsmoke and feeling the intense pain of the characters. I ensured the book stayed true to life as well as entertaining to pull the reader in to a dramatic and true conclusion...or not.

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Junior's game plan is simple; he's decided to start his own business right in the Baptiste Housing Projects. Technically, he isn't from the area, but his girl Shondra is. Thanks to loyalty and dedication, business is doing great! Fairness has kept things flowing well. However, Junior finds out that someone may not be happy with the way things have been going in the Baptiste Housing Projects. When trouble comes knocking will Junior be prepared? You can never be too careful; there is no loyalty when it comes to the streets.

June has written a good book, with the added suspense in the end making for a great cliffhanger. I'm looking forward to the continuation of this story.

Reviewed by: Carmen

June, in his debut novel, This Game Has No Loyalty, describes the love of money, the love of women and the lack loyalty in the game of the streets. Junior, a hard-knock young hustler who still had milk behind his ears has represented the Baptiste Projects all his life, for which he has gained much respect amongst his peers. His plan for taking over his entire hood was well thought-out in his head. The only problem was executing it by foot. Along the way, Junior learns the hard way that making friends wasn't as easy as he thought.

While under the guidance of his older cousin Craig, he finds out that the things he thought he was doing right were wrong in every way. Junior witnessed first hand that his closest friends were his closest enemies. They wanted his hood along with the local stick up kids who tried to rob and kill him and his crew. While he traveled back and forth on the A train to purchase dope from a world renowned Dominican supplier, his love for the streets and his love for his girl Shondra repelled like north and south. She demanded too much love and attention from him and his craving of love and respect from all the other projects that he was supplying didn't allow any room for his slowing down to tend to his woman. Ultimately he loved his girl and there was nothing that could pull him away from her besides money and his other woman, Muffin. Muffin agreed to ride and die for him. She was down to do just about anything to be next to him, alone. That included the plan of getting rid of Shondra at any cost. However, Muffin would soon be Junior's downfall. Her rage and envy took a toll on Junior's emotions, which caused him to make the ultimate mistake in the game.

Reviewed by: Shaheta Pickett



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This Game Has No Loyalty is an action-packed novel with so many twists and turns, you'll be asking yourself who really is loyal after all, only to discover that the game really does have no loyalty. If you are going to be in the game, the lesson to be learned is: DON'T TRUST ANYONE...even the ones you think have your back, just might be the enemy.

Reviewed by: Leona R.


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Unfaithful, treacherous, untrue, false, fickle and untrustworthy are all synonyms for Disloyal. This is what you will find in L. Miller's "This Game Has No Loyalty." Junior takes us into the Baptiste Projects where it seems like everyone is looking for a come up in the game. Rather it is the love game or the hustle game people would do anything to be on top of the game. You have family against family, foes against foes, friends against friends, Project against Project, and friends become foes. This book will keep your attention because your going to wonder who is going to betray who next. And the ending well all I have to say is "This Game Has No Loyalty and neither do the characters in this book.


Reviewed by: Ms. Pantha Jones


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The Game Has No Loyalty by L. Miller is a good example of how multifaceted relationships in the street game are. Junior was all about making money in New York's Baptiste Housing Projects. With his girl, Shondra, by his side and his cool, calculating practices, there was no way success would not be his. His rise to the top of the drug game dished him very few problems, but with an airtight operation and top-notch security practices, Junior was destined to be an exception to the rule of there being no loyalty in the game. At least that is what he thought until a sticky situation made him think otherwise.

Miller delivered a story that was familiar, yet engaging. I knew better than to trust any of the characters, but how their disloyalty played out was what kept me interested. It was also interesting to read this story set in the late 1980s. The Game Has No Loyalty is a good novel to pick-up if you are in the mood for a thorough lesson on deceit.

Reviewed by: Darnetta Frazier

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June delivered a well-written story in 'This Game Has No Loyalty.' His characters are so real, I could feel myself liking some and hating others and just plain not trusting some. He thoroughly showed you how deceiving the streets can be and the effect of it. He didn't hold back, just told you like it was. While I was reading the book, it was like seeing a movie unfold before me as all the hate and betrayal started unfolding before me. Thanks June!!!

Reviewed by: Mashawn




When I first got this book from Junior (it makes you wonder is this about him or not) himself, I was leery about reading it. I thought to myself, here we go again, another shoot em up bang bang book, however Junior was adamant on the quality of his work. You could not miss the passion in this author's eyes, the determination so I decided to read it instead of passing it a long to one of my staff.

What is another word for Disloyalty? Anarchy, Traitorousness, Treachery, Sedition, Deceit or better yet, This Game Has No Loyalty best describe it. June, sets the story in the late 80's otherwise known as the "Crack Years", Junior is all about making a dollar with his girl Shondra in Baptiste Projects one of the housing projects in NYC. Junior thought he had an airtight operation with a loyal crew, until a sticky situation made him think twice of whom he can trust and whom he can't trust.

June describes his book as "Realistic Fiction", which really puts him in a different genre. This Game Has No Loyalty, has a lot of intense moments, you have to sit back and wonder whom you can trust. Rather its family, friends or foe, like the saying goes: "KEEP YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILY CLOSE BUT YOUR ENEMY CLOSER". June out did himself in his first debut as an author.

Reviewed by: Debbie Shaifire

Da ReVew

June rewinds the clock back to a time when crack cocaine first became prevalent in ghettos around the world, especially the Baptiste projects. Junior is a young hustler gettin' it how he lives, coppin' keys with his cousin Craig and making a name for himself. Problem is - this ain't his hood, and the locals do not appreciate it. Although Kendu and his boy La are gettin' money with Junior, Kendu isn't all that found of the new guy. Destined to make an example, Kendu gets up with KB and Stump, the local jacker. They set things in motion to rob Junior but it does not go exactly as planned. A vicious gunfight erupts and Junior learns that someone from the hood does have his back.

Layin' low after the attack, Junior gives La a promotion, labeling him as his right hand ma. With a bit of credibility of his own, La forms a team of young hard-hitters, bringing in more paper to the operation, easy money for Junior. At the same time, Junior is plotting his revenge against Kendu, KB and Stump, the most dangerous of the three. He wants all of them dead and will not stop until heads roll. Things become very interesting when he learns that woman has the low-down on the enemies. Will Shondra betray her girl's happiness and trust all for the sake of Junior? The answer will surprise you.

This was without a doubt one of the best books I've read over the past few months. It's set in the late 80s and everything was pretty much on point from the Guess and Karl Kani gear to the reference of slangin' off the pager. I do question the "Captain Save-A-Ho" reference because I think that was more 1993. Regardless, the book was tight - well written, intriguing from the jump and most important - real.