The Sagas of Surgard the Traveler

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Robert Collins
My third science fiction novel, Monitor, came out in 2010 from Whiskey Creek Press. I have two other novels published, Lisa’s Way and Expert Assistance. I also have two short story collections available, The Sagas of Surgard and Fun Tales of Fantasy and the Future.
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Gather ‘round, one and all, and thrill to the rediscovery of the sagas of Surgard the Northerner as he collected tales from across the known lands of man. Stand alongside the heroic and witty Surgard as he faces down foolish giants, singing dwarves, duplicitous wizards, suspicious savages, and worst of all, a monster with an attorney! 
The "Sagas of Surgard the Traveler" is brilliant. In search of bards' tales for his god Durn, Surgard not only finds tales but is himslef the source for many future tales. This book is bard wisdom at its best. With basic homespun wisdom, Robert Colliins not only tells exciting tales but manages to impart knowledge without letting us know we are learning.